1. Introduction

This document contains release notes for iKnowBase software releases 8.3 and back to release 6.0. For older versions, refer to earlier release notes.

Two important issues before you continue:

  • The installation guide is upgraded for every version. Please read the installation guide before starting your upgrade process.

  • Always upgrade a test environment before upgrading the production environment, and make sure that the new version works well with your existing applications and solutions.

2. New features

This chapter lists major new features for each release. Note that there might be many smaller enhancements not shown in this chapter, listed in detail in the "closed issues" chapter.

2.1. Release 8.3

2.2. Release 8.2

  • Image editor API.

2.3. Release 8.1

  • Support for JDK 11.

  • Support for Oracle Database 19c.

  • Support for Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database.

2.4. Release 8.0

  • Generic support for OpenID Connect identity federation enables sign in support for a wide range of external identity providers.

    • Includes auto-connecting accounts on sign in when the user has a preexisting local account.

    • Includes support for sign up if the user does not have a preexisting user account.

2.5. Release 7.7

  • The ContentQuery Java API is now capable of using an annotated java bean and additional object injection and/or post processing arguments to further and more elegantly enhance the resulting bean. This is also now supported per ContentQueryRow, and not only for the whole result row set.

  • The Solr configuration allows for specifying whether to use XML or BINARY for the network communication; the XML protocol is slower, but has better compatibility with different Solr server versions. BINARY is still the default.

  • iKnowBase user repository now supports bcrypt password algorithm.

  • iKnowBase Page Engine now supports Java Form portlets to ease migration from iKnowBase Classic to the new Java-based development model. You may convert an existing Classic Form definition to a Java Form definition.

2.6. Release 7.6

  • "iKnowBase Functions" is a new service that enables managed execution of Java functions. Executions can be initiated using either a Java or a PL/SQL API, and can be either synchronous or asynchronous. Executions are scheduled using an Oracle AQ-queue, and served by a service inside the iKnowBase application server. Each execution is logged, with input and output values. "Functions" provide excellent performance, scalability, and manageability. It may replace custom queue based solutions and ease migration from iKnowBase Classic to the new Java-based development model.

  • The ContentQuery Java API is now capable of using an annotated java bean for both configuration and mapping. A simple java class with properties annotated with @AttributeMapping can be used in the method select(class), in order to specify which attributes to retrieve, and in the method getRows(class), to retrieve an already-mapped java object.

  • A new Java API allows for easy and stepwise migration from Classic Pages. It is now possible to configure a Classic Page with a reference to a Java method, which will then be responsible for rendering the page. The method will have access to all data from the Page, but can also use pure Java mechanisms to optimize performance and improve the development experience.

  • A new feature in the Classic PageEngine allows a Classic Page to use a pure Java Servlet or @Controller as a Layout Page, with no configuration in the Classic repository. This mechanism, too, enables gradual migration from iKnowBase Classic to the new Java-based development model.

  • A new authentication module uses HTTP-headers to manage the responses given for authentication failures. This gives clients such as single page javascript applications or mobile apps complete control of the login flow, and enables a more seamless application experience.

  • WebDAV now supports editing non-active versions of versioned documents if enabled on the document type definition.

2.7. Release 7.5

  • Static resources are now supported as root resources enabling any non-reserved paths to be used for these resources. This enhances support for deployment of modern front end applications and they may now freely choose deployment path.

  • A new method on SolrSearchClient enables streaming of the Solr search result directly to a web client, in the format returned from the Solr server.

  • The service API now support the operations save, copy, delete and get for subsystems.

  • Support recovery of deleted documents. Activate the trash bin functionality per document type by setting a number of days to keep the documents. Deleted documents will automatically be stored in the trash bin and can be restored from a new pane in the Content Studio (/cs/tools/trashbin). Expired 'trash' will automatically be removed after the number of days set on the information type.

  • Support audit trail for document changes. Audit trail is activated by a document event. The event function 'Audit trail for documents' is installed during upgrade. The event function will track all changes to a document, including timestamp, username, original and new values. Note: Values for large object (clob/blob) are not stored in the audit log. The audit trail for a document is available in Content Studio.

2.8. Release 7.4

  • The ContentQuery Java API now supports the use of database functions implemented in PL/SQL. These functions can return varchar, clob, number or date values, and can be used in both select() and order() clauses.

  • The ContentQuery Java API now supports the use of client-side functions implemented in Java. These functions can return String, Number, Date or Object values, and can be used only in select() clauses. They function as "virtual columns", are only evaluated on demand, and only once per row.

  • The PageService Java API now supports rendering Java portlets on demand, by name. This enables the creation of dynamic pages, where the choice of portlets is made at run time rather than at design time.

  • The Java API for implementing portlets now resolves method arguments of SolrSearchClientProvider, enabling the use of Solr from inside portlets.

  • A new FreeMarker function encodeURL provides easier access to the static resources cache features first introduce in iKnowBase 7.2.

  • The ContentServer now supports conditional caching. For objects that do not have specific cache rules, it will produce "Last-Modified" and "Cache-control" headers, and it will honor "If-Modified-Since" in requests.

  • REST API for provisioning user accounts, groups and access control lists is now included.

  • REST infrastructure for building services based on Spring Data REST and Spring HATEOAS is now included.

  • A new prometheus-exporter makes is easy to monitor the iKnowBase installation using tools such as Prometheus and Grafana.

2.9. Release 7.3

  • Simplified continuous deployment of plugins. Plugin developers may now assemble and deploy their plugin to centralized development server(s) directly from command line, IDE or administration console.

  • Plugin support for custom WebDAV file structure. Information stored in iKnowBase can now be represented as files and folders accessible using a WebDAV client (Microsoft Windows Explorer, GoodReader, ++). All regular file and folder operations are supported (list, read, create, rename, update, copy, move, delete). The directory structure is fully customizable.

  • Plugin support for Java SDK Portlet enables seamless integration of plugin content in iKnowBase Page.

  • Content Transformation support in Content Query API enables both Content Transformation links and actual transformation of binary content.

2.10. Release 7.2

  • iKnowBase application has been migrated to the Spring Boot platform and is now deployed as a single application.

  • New Content Transformation Service for transformation of binary content.

    • Cacheable on demand transformation replaces generation of image variants during save. This results in faster response times during save. It also significantly consumes less storage since only actually used variants are stored in cache. The service is also more flexible since the transformations are not required to be defined in database before use.

    • Leverages preexisting support from existing Image Editor, File Converter, Oracle Multimedia and Oracle Text.

    • New transformation support via CloudConvert (www.cloudconvert.com).

  • Major enhancements to Java plugin development.

    • Simplified build setup through use of iKnowBase Gradle script plugins.

    • Simplified development through use of @ComponentScan.

    • Greatly enhanced testing support from Spring Boot.

  • Improved caching options for static resources. Supports cache headers, versioned resource resolution and in-memory caching of static resources.

  • iKnowBase Web Server now handles on-the-fly compression of all text content (html, text, css, js, …​)

  • Database persisted sessions are now activated by default and offers session availability, which means that

    • Users will not be logged out nor loose any session data if the server is restarted.

    • You may load balance multiple nodes without using session persistence / sticky sessions, which makes it easier to distribute load evenly.

2.11. Release 7.1

iKnowBase 7.1 is a maintenance release focusing on bug fixes and minor improvements. There are no major new features in this release.

2.12. Release 7.0

  • Java development enhancements

    • Additional java APIs available for interacting with content

      • ContentQuery for querying for documents and other content

      • DimensionQuery for querying for dimensions

    • Additional Java APIs provides access to Content and Presentation Services for applications that live outside the iKnowBase web application (standalone applications, external web application, integration engines, etc.)

      • ContentServicesEngine for accessing the iKnowBase Content Services

      • PresentationServicesEngine for using the iKnowBase Presentation Services

    • Source code generator for creating java objects and constants matching the iKnowBase metadata, for typesafe java code

    • Simplified development of plugin forms using Spring MVC, bean validation, file based FreeMarker and iKnowBase services.

  • Template enhancements

    • The template engine now support JavaScript templates on the server, through the nashorn JavaScript engine available in java 8.

    • The template engine now supports "chained templates", making it possible to combine two templates in the same request. This enables using for example groovy or javascript for logic, leaving formatting to a more traditional FreeMarker template.

  • WebDAV enhancements

    • The WebDAV browser integration does not longer require the SharePoint plugin. Chrome has recently deactivated plugins based on NPAPI and iKnowBase will now by default use Microsoft Office URI scheme protocol extensions instead.

    • The WebDAV server no longer requires a dedicated hostname for itself. While dedicated hostnames are still supported, the new WebDAV module will automatically detect and serve WebDAV traffic for Microsoft Office clients, on the same host and port as the main iKnowBase application.

    • Support for form based authentication has been added, which extends the existing authentication support with both social (e.g. Google) and SAML2 options (e.g. Microsoft ADFS). See WebDAV compatibility section for more information.

  • Solr integration enhancements

    • It is now possible to configure the SolrServer-connection using the Java SDK. This gives full control of the SolrServer configuration, including configuration parameters or even the use of custom SolrServer classes.

  • Oracle Text

    • Now possible to disable indexing of file (binary) content in Oracle Text, which results in reduced index size, reduced growth and better performance. This is particularly useful if you’ve started using SOLR search and no longer require this information in the regular iKnowBase Search Sources. See Installation Guide > Database repository.

  • iKnowBase LDAP Synchronization enhancements

    • Support for synchronizing users and groups from OpenDJ.

  • iKnowBase web server enhancements

    • Support for HTTPS Server Name Indication (SNI) makes it possible to use more than one SSL certificate on iKnowBase web server. This is a typical requirement when hosting multiple sites on the same server and it is now also possible without SSL termination in front of iKnowBase web server.

2.13. Release 6.7

  • The various iKnowBase web applications have been merged to a single application, with configuration options to enable and disable features as required. This eases both development and deployment, and it reduces the memory requirements for a typical installation.

  • Third-party authentication support has been extended with:

    • Microsoft Live / Microsoft account.

    • SAML2, which enables authentication with SAML2 compatible Identity Providers, such as Microsoft ADFS, Feide and Salesforce.

  • Plugin development has gone through a major reconstruction with:

    • New build setup for root project and plugin projects.

    • Significant simplification to build logic, project structure, run, debug, and assemble plugin. No additional generated build projects just a root project and your plugins.

    • Support in iKnowBase Quickstart utility for assembling the iKnowBase .war deployment with all plugins.

    • Major improvements in the Export utility, it now if possible to run precheck against the target destination without file download/upload. This eases the job of creating valid transport sets importable on the destination.

2.14. Release 6.6

  • iKnowBase now ships with a security framework based on Spring Security, which provides a number of interesting features:

    • The framework has a large number of supported authentication modules, including BASIC, form, Windows spnego, etc. Multiple modules may be active at the same time.

    • Form-based login is supported for all environments, and is the default for the embedded QuickStart application server.

    • Third-party login is supported through extension to the spring security framework. iKnowBase ships with support for google, facebook, twitter and linkedin-basert authentication.

    • Java-based controllers may now verify ACL-membership as part of their authorization checks.

  • The ServiceAPI has been significantly enhanced, both in syntax and functionality, across both the PL/SQL and Java layers. Custom application development using the API is much simpler, and the resulting code is much simpler, than before.

    • Many references to metadata (document types, attributes, etc) can be done using a String value for externalKey, instead of a full ObjectReference object.

    • The most important object types now have a number of easy-to-use constructors that simplify code.

    • Document attribute values are automatically converted during save, according to the attribute type.

    • The SaveDocumentAttributes API allows saving of attributes without having to construct a full Document object. External keys for standard document properties (such as IKB$TITLE) lets you update the title of a document without the document object.

  • A new command in ikbStudio lets you convert FreeForm and tabular presentation styles to template presentation styles with a single click, with reliable "revert" functionality if the output is not as expected.

2.15. Release 6.5

  • Support for arbitrary text editors in Forms, so that you may choose for example TinyMCE 4, CKEditor or others. The mechanisms used for this support make it easy to upgrade the editor in a customer installation, without requiring an iKnowBase-upgrade, for example when an editor vendor releases a patch to support a new browser.

  • An iKnowBase-plugin for TinyMCE 4, so that you can add "link archive" and "image archive" buttons to a TinyMCE 4 editor.

  • The ContentServer now supports the Http Range header, which is a requirement for various media players to work. Playing video from iKnowBase just got easier!

  • Development toolkit has been enhanced with features around front end controller mechanisms, to develop web pages endpoints using java technologies. The toolkit also supports using the iKnowBase template technology from your java applications, and to execute iKnowBase Pages from within java code.

  • A new EmailSender service uses java-based email technology as part of the Batch server. This enables access to more functionality such as SSL-based connections, mail server authentication and setting arbitrary SMTP-headers. It also enables email sending from environments where the database itself does not have access to an email server, such as certain secure network or the Amazon RDS for Oracle cloud database platform.

  • A new ImagedEditor service uses java-based image editing technology as part of the Batch server. This enables access to image editing in environments where the database does not support Oracle Multimedia extensions, such as the Amazon RDS for Oracle cloud database platform.

  • With the two extensions above, iKnowBase can run using an Amazon RDS for Oracle cloud database platform. Note that support for Amazon RDS should be considered experimental in this release.

  • The iKnowBase instant request-response interface has been extended, and now supports a uniform mechanism for sending messages and querying for state information across protocols. The interface is available using the all the Instant APIs: JavaScript, HTTP and PL/SQL.

  • The iKnowBase Quickstart embedded web server supports HTTPS natively. While we generally recommend terminating HTTPS in a front end appliance or service (such as Apache httpd or similar), there are scenarios where you want or need to serve connections directly from Quickstart. These scenarios can now run HTTPS, too.

2.16. Release 6.4.1

This is a critical maintenance release addressing database connection leak issues and contains no new features.

2.17. Release 6.4

  • Enhanced WebDAV server support based on the Milton IO framework. You can now create a link directly from any iKnowBase Content Viewer to the proper Microsoft Office application, in order to edit the document directly.

Requires WebDAV enterprise edition license from Milton IO
  • Enhanced Solr search engine support, allow you to use multiple Solr installations (or Solr "cores") independently. This can be useful as an additional security layer for search setup, where you can build entirely independent indexes for intranet and internet users, with different information available.

  • Development Toolkit for building java components and assembling these as part of the iKnowBase applications. While the toolkit is fully supported, it is not finalized and the underlying APIs may change in the next versions. To start using this toolkit, contact the iKnowBase product development team for more information.

2.18. Release 6.3

  • Integrated framework for publishing realtime messages (push messages).

  • Links to HTML, PDF and Plain text versions of a document can easily be added to a page. PDF-versions require a separate license namely "iKnowBase Document Conversion Service".

  • Includes Activiti BPMN process engine version 5.13.

  • Includes Solr search engine version 4.2.

2.19. Release 6.2

A new search engine based on Apache Solr is included.

  • Uses the Lucene library for full-text search

  • Faceted navigation

  • Hit highlighting

  • Replication to other Solr servers

  • Extensible through plugins

  • Pluggable relevance - boost through formula

  • Stemming, synonyms, spelling

  • Autocomplete functionality

2.20. Release 6.1

  • A BPMN process engine based on Activiti.org is included. Activiti is a light-weight workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) Platform targeted at business people, developers and system admins. Its core is a super-fast and rock-solid BPMN 2 process engine for Java.

  • The new iKnowBase Process Studio with an overview of process definitions and process instances.

  • The security model now includes personal access control lists (ACL).

  • FTP-server support against the WebDAV file system. Use a standard FTP-client to gain access to files stored in the iKnowBase CMS.

  • Added support for Groovy scripts as an alternative to FreeMarker. Groovy uses a Java-like syntax, allowing for the reuse of existing Java-code and competence.

  • The new component Script Target is an endpoint (url) where the output is rendered as a complete web page.

  • The new component Script Viewer presents a template on a page. Output is rendered in-line as for any other portlet.

  • Some standard iKnowBase components, ie popups, selectors, calendars, and messages boxes, are re-implemented in Ext JS 4, with some improvements. iKnowBase 6.1 has no longer a dependency to Ext JS 3.

  • The TinyMCE editor is upgraded to version 3.5.2.

  • New attribute types; user, acl and documenttype.

2.21. Release 6.0

  • The Document Archive, delivered as part of the iKnowBase Content Studio, has been rewritten as a rich internet application. The Image Archive component, new in version 5.9, has also been further improved.

  • A new web application "ikbWebdav" enables WebDAV-based access to documents inside iKnowBase. This allows direct file access from operating systems (such as Microsoft Windows), or Office Suites (such as Microsoft Office). Further information can be found in the Development Guide.

  • A new newsletter-component based on the iKnowBase Page Engine has been included. This provides superior formatting over the old component, with all capabilities from the page engine available for use. Please note that this component is not available on the Oracle OC4J application server technology.

  • The embedded web server (part of the Quickstart program) is now supported for production use, with either Microsoft Active Directory or the iKnowBase repository for authentication. When using Microsoft AD, automatic login using Kerberos (SPNEGO, WNA) can be used.

  • Tooltip functions have been converted to use the cluetip library. Cluetip supports in addition to title/description tooltips the use of page content rendered in mouseover functions. Further information can be found in the Development Guide.

  • A document can be referred in HTML as an image or a file link. This is often done when you use a TinyMCE editor to add text to a document. A new database table will now automatic be updated with these references and can easily be extracted in viewers to display relations between documents. The new table is called document_usage and will be populated every time you save a document.

3. Changed functionality

This chapter lists functionality that has changed behavior or has been removed in the specified release, or that will be removed in the future. Read this chapter to see if this version contains changes that influence the functionality provided for and by your solutions.

This chapter does not describe any changes required to your infrastructure or application, in order to maintain current functionality. Such information is described in the next chapter.

3.1. Release 8.3

3.1.1. End of support for

  • Internet Explorer and legacy versions of Microsoft Edge

  • Oracle WebLogic application server

  • Oracle databases older than 19c

3.1.2. Removed iKnowBase functionality

3.1.3. EmailReader functionality is removed

The following config params are now obsolete and should be removed:

  • com.iknowbase.batch.emailReader.*

3.1.4. WebDAV functionality is removed

The following config params are now obsolete and should be removed:

  • com.iknowbase.webdav.*

  • com.iknowbase.spring.security.form.webdavForm*

  • milton.*

  • com.iknowbase.plugin.ikbcontentstudio.enableWebDavEditActions

Any WebDAV related calls in templates may cause errors and should be removed. They should be found by searching for "webdav".

3.2. Release 8.2

3.2.1. End of support for Internet Explorer 10 and older

Support for Internet Explorer earlier than version 11 is now ended, after it was deprecated in iKnowBase 8.0.

3.2.2. Deprecation of support for Internet Explorer and legacy Edge

Support for Internet Explorer and legacy versions of Microsoft Edge is now deprecated and will be ended in the next version.

3.2.3. Deprecation of support for the process engine

Support for the Activiti BPM process engine is now deprecated. This also includes iKnowBase Process Studio.

3.2.4. Deprecation of support for WebLogic

Support for Oracle WebLogic is now deprecated and will be ended in the next version.

3.2.5. Deprecation of support for EmailReader component

Support for the EmailReader component is now deprecated and will be ended in the next version.

3.2.6. Deprecation of support for Oracle DB older than 19c

Older Oracle DB versions than 19c will not be supported in the next release.

3.2.7. Removed references to Oracle Workflow

The package IKB_API contained some procedures with "WF" in the name. These have been unused for a long time, and has been removed. Old customer projects may have project-specific references to these procedures that most likely is never called, but may now fail compilation. Search through custom PLSQL and iKnowBase objects for "WF" and "workflow" and do a cleanup if needed, e.g. the package alias previously included at /ikb$console/development/advanced/packages/95955/. Also note that the ikb_global_prefs constant has_oracle_workflow is discarded, and can be removed from ikb_installation_properties if present.

3.3. Release 8.1

3.3.1. JDK 11

JDK 11 is now the minimum required JDK version and introduces some changes to deployment and functionality. See upgrade section for required changes and required actions if you want to keep the old behaviour (where available).

3.3.2. Classic template support for JavaScript has been removed

Nashorn support is scheduled to be removed from the JDK. Support for JavaScript as classic template implementation type has therefore been removed from iKnowBase. See upgrade issues report in administration console for affected templates.

3.4. Release 8.0

3.4.1. Spring Social

  • Replaced support for Spring Social (end of life) with Spring Security OAuth2. Reconfiguration is required.

    • As part of that change, we’ve removed support for authorized client connection for the external provider. This feature was never used.

3.4.2. Deprecate support for Internet Explorer older than version 11

Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer older than version 11. iKnowBase 8.0 will be the last version that supports Internet Explorer versions older than 11.

Beginning January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical supports and security updates. Internet Explorer 11 is the last version of Internet Explorer, and will continue to receive security updates, compatibility fixes, and technical support on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

— https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/WindowsForBusiness/End-of-IE-support

3.4.3. Deprecate support for Java 8

iKnowBase 8.0 will be the last version with support for Java 8.

3.5. Release 7.7

3.5.1. WebLogic provider authentication against iKnowBase user repository no longer supported

Using WebLogic container mode to authenticate against iKnowBase user repository is not supported from iKnowBase 7.7+. iKnowBase 7.7+ will by default use bcrypt for password storage, which is not supported by WebLogic’s standard authentication provider adapters.

See Web Application Security section for configuring iKnowBase’s own authentication modules.

3.5.2. Deprecate support for Nashorn JavaScript Engine

Java has deprecated it’s support for the Nashorn JavaScript Engine (http://openjdk.java.net/jeps/335) in JDK 11. This leads to deprecation of support for the Nashorn JavaScript Engine in iKnowBase as well.

3.6. Release 7.6

  • Going forward, documentation will only be delivered in HTML format.

3.7. Release 7.5

3.8. Release 7.4

3.8.1. Fix inconsistency in Java API

The changes here apply only to the Java API. ContentViewers and Templates in iKnowBase Classis are not affected.

The method ContentQueryRow.getValue() is available in two forms, one that takes an Expression argument, and one that takes a String. In previous releases, these two returned inconsistent results for items returning either an ObjectReference, DocumentReference or UserReference. For example, these two fragements returned different results:

// Assuming "ContentQueryRow row"
ObjectReference a = row.getValue(MasterMetadata.Expressions.IKB$ACL);  // (1)
ContentQueryItemObjectReference b = (ContentQueryItemObjectReference)row.getValue("IKB$ACL");  // (2)
ObjectReference b2 = b.getObjectReference(); // (3)
  1. Used with an Expression, it returned the ObjectReference directly

  2. Used with a String, it returned a ContentQueryItem

  3. To get to the actual objectReference, you have to inspect the item

When called from Java code, the above change will be detected by the compiler. However, the same problem is more probable and less visible from inside FreeMarker-templates:

Acl: ${row.getValue("IKB$ACL").objectReference.label} // (1)
Acl: ${row.getValue("IKB$ACL").label} // (2)
  1. This assumes the intermediate ContentQueryItem, and will no longer work

  2. This is the proper mechanism

To find such problems, search for lines containing ".objectReference", ".documentReference" and ".userReference" in the FreeMarker templates using ContentQueryRow.

3.8.2. Fix inconsistency with missing references

In earlier releases, the iKnowBase API would return inconsistent data for missing references. For example, an ACL-reference field which was empty (no ACL given) would sometimes return the NULL value, and sometimes an ObjectReference where all elements (id, guid, externalKey, label) were NULL.

3.8.3. Rename ContentServer configuration property

The configuration property com.iknowbase.ContentServer.createResponseHeaders has changed name to com.iknowbase.ContentServer.createDocumentReferenceHeader. This property is rarely used.

3.8.4. Remove default cluetip support

The ContentViewer is capable of rendering tooltip information on links it creates, by creating attributes for use with the cluetip library. This library is old, and does not represent current state-of-the-art for web solutions. The ContentViewer Portlet will no longer generate the required scripts to use cluetip. The old behavior can be restored by setting the configuration variable com.iknowbase.contentViewer.clueTip to one of the values delayed (recommended) or traditional.

3.9. Release 7.3

3.9.1. Desupport of iKnowBase Authentication Plugin for Oracle WebLogic

iKnowBase Authentication Plugin for Oracle WebLogic is no longer supported. Use WebLogic’s own ReadOnlySQLAuthenticator Authentication Provider if you require "container" authentication.

3.9.2. iKnowBase Content Studio not deployed by default

The iKnowBase Content Studio now ships as an external plugin and is no longer deployed by default. This enables the projects to implement custom Content Studio versions.

The document- and image picklists are part of the iKnowBase Content Studio plugin and will no be available unless the plugin is installed.

3.10. Release 7.2

3.10.1. Desupport of Oracle Database 10g

Oracle Database 10g is no longer supported for iKnowBase deployments. Oracle Database 11g is now minimum version.

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search is no longer supported for iKnowBase deployments.

3.11. Release 7.1

iKnowBase 7.1 is a maintenance release focusing on bug fixes and minor improvements. This release does not introduce any major changes in functionality.

3.12. Release 7.0

3.12.1. Desupport of Oracle Portal

iKnowBase no longer ships with portlets for Oracle Portal. The functionality supported by Oracle Portal can generally be implemented better and faster using the iKnowBase Page Engine.

3.12.2. Desupport of iKnowBase Add-in for Microsoft Office

From this release, the iKnowBase Add-in for Microsoft Office is no longer available. Existing customers should migrate to the WebDAV functionality which requires less setup and coding, and provides a better user experience.

Components (ContentViewers and SearchViewers) that use the "edit document" function to generate icons or links that use the add-in are automatically changed to the "edit using webdav" function instead.

3.12.3. Desupport of Fatax Editor

The Fatax Editor is not available from this release onwards. The Fatax- integration was considered experimental, and no production installations will be affected by this.

3.12.4. Desupport of FTP-based access to documents

The WebDAV-server no longer supports FTP-based access to documents. No production installations will be affected by this.

3.12.5. Desupport of iKnowBase Process Services for Oracle BPEL PM

As all customers using Oracle BPEL have now upgraded to the newer Activiti-based business process management, the BPEL-specific components have been removed from the product.

3.12.6. Desupport of GlassFish application server

Deployment on GlassFish application server is no longer supported. GlassFish v3 has been deprecated and is excluded due to new infrastructure requirements for iKnowBase 7.0. Deployment on GlassFish v4 was previously supported, but not recommended due to various issues and support was eventually dropped in iKnowBase 6.6. We currently have no customers using GlassFsh 4 for iKnowBase in production.

Customers on GlassFish v3 must migrate to either iKnowBase Web Server or Oracle WebLogic.

3.12.7. WebDAV browser integration

The WebDAV browser integration has changed from using the SharePoint NPAPI plugin to Microsoft Office URI scheme protocol extensions. The user will no longer need to approve use of a browser plugin. The user is instead prompted for a new application launch approval, which may be remembered, when clicking on WebDAV links.

3.12.8. Uploading HTML-files

Previous versions had a hard time to differ between content written in such editors as TinyMce and HTML-files upload as files. After an upload, the file content was available in editors and not as a file link as expected. HTML-files uploaded from Forms will now be stored as files instead of being converted to html-content. To upload the content from a file to be used from a editor later, either use the service-api to store the file content with the attribute IKB$TEXT or cut and paste the html-file directly into an editor.

All other text files have been converted from CLOB to BLOB and are now stored in document.binary_indexed.

3.12.9. Content Studio now ships as a Java plugin

From iKnowBase 7.0 iKnowBase Content Studio ships as a Java plugin. During upgrade of an existing installation, iKnowBase Content Studio classic pages and targets replaced by new Java-based components will be renamed to /cs/deprecated/ and /ext/cs/deprecated/. A new transport set, which includes the image form and iKnowBase classic components necessary to run forms and statistics, is included in the distribution. When importing this transport set, the image form will be converted to a Java-based form. It can easily be toggled back to iKnowBase classic form for customers who require special configuration.

3.12.10. iKnowBase Process Studio no longer installed by default

iKnowBase Process Studio has been converted to an iKnowBase plugin and is no longer installed by default. See installation documentation.

3.13. Release 6.7

3.13.1. One java web application

iKnowBase ships only two applications:

  • iknowbase-resources, which contains only static resources and may be served by a web server in front of the java application server.

  • iknowbase-webapp, which contains all other modules:

    • Batch (default enabled)

    • Instant

    • Fatax

    • Studio (default enabled)

    • Viewer (default enabled)

    • WebDAV

    • WebServices

The modules can be enabled/disabled, see Installation Guide.

All administration areas (/ikbStudio, /ikbBatch, <each application>/ikb$console) have now been merged to /ikb$console.

3.13.2. RequestModel.getFile() and .getFileMap()

The java-api, also used in groovy-scripts, provides access to uploaded files (technically parts of type "multipart/form-data") through the methods getFile() and getFileMap(). The return value from these methods used to expose certain spring-internals, namely the classes MultiValueMap and MultipartFile. These two methods have been rewritten, and they now use a standard java.util.Map and javax.servlet.http.Part instead.

We are not aware of any external uses of these methods, but if you do use them, a (trivial) rewrite is required.

3.13.3. ProcessServicesWS has been removed

The application ProcessServicesWS has been removed from the distribution. You may use previous versions of this web application if you require this functionality.

3.13.4. Default protection of /ikbStudio and /ikbBatch

With the new single-application deployment model, it is no longer possible to create iKnowBase pages matching /ikbStudio and /ikbBatch. Doing so was never a good form anyway, but is now forbidden.

3.13.5. Security

One application

As all modules are now available in one application, authentication between former applications like ikbStudio and ikbViewer are now one authentication. Of course, if you deploy several versions of the iknowbase-webapp application this means separate authentications.

"Simple authentication" for WebDAV and Instant

WebDAV and Instant is now part of the iknowbase-webapp and will use the following ordered approach for presenting the authentication challenge:

  1. Header (default disabled)

  2. Spnego (default disabled)

  3. Basic (default enabled if non container mode)

  4. Default

The first enabled module wins.

This means that you can have Form based login on all other areas without affecting WebDAV and Instant.

Login form changes

The included login form has been changed. If you have applied custom styling for the included iKnowBase 6.6 login form, you must update the custom styling settings.


Form, Spnego and Header login option "realmName" used by XMLHttpRequest and WebDAV has been replaced by "realmName" in Basic configuration.

3.13.6. Plugin development

With the move to a single application for iKnowBase, we have done significant improvements as well as some breaking changes to the iKnowBase Development Toolkit.

You need to create a new plugin development workspace and manually migrate your plugins to the new build structure. See updated plugin development documentation.

Additional access requirements for plugin development:

  • Access to the iKnowBase Artifactory repository

Spring Controller plugins support:

  • Spring component scan on com.iknowbase.plugin removed.

  • Bootstrapping your plugin using spring.factories and @Configuration is required.

  • @Controller annotation should no longer be used. Use @RequestMapping annotation instead to signal that the Spring bean has @RequestMapping methods.

3.13.7. Instant

Javascript onError callback will now be called for all server errors. Previously this required custom error detection as not all server errors would result in onError callback.

3.14. Release 6.6

3.14.1. Require Java 7

iKnowBase now requires Java 7.0 or newer.

Java 7 has been shipping since July 2011, and Java 8 has been shipping since March 2014. Java 6 reached end-of-life in 2013, with the final public update in March that year.

All application servers currently supported by iKnowBase also support running under Java 7. However, Java 7 may require a newer operating system version than Java 6 does; check https://www.java.com/en/download/help/sysreq.xml for details.

3.14.2. GlassFish

Support for GlassFish 3 is now deprecated. From one of the next few releases, iKnowBase will require Oracle WebLogic or iKnowBase Quickstart.

Support for GlassFish 4 has been removed.

GlassFish authentication is no longer supported. Use iKnowBase supplied authentication modules.

3.14.3. Deprecate non-template presentation styles

FreeForm and tabular presentation styles has been around since the beginning of iKnowBase. These style types are a 100% data driven method where you define the layout by defining metadata from where the layout is generated. Later versions introduced FreeMarker as the preferred method.

FreeForm and Tabular will in future releases no longer be supported.

3.14.4. Authentication and authorization

Except for Oracle WebLogic server, the authentication setup has changed, with new default authentication methods and user repositories:

Server Authentication method User repository

iKnowBase Quickstart



Oracle GlassFish



Oracle WebLogic


WebLogic container

Previously, users would not be allowed access to iKnowBase unless they were granted the role IKB_USERS. From this release onwards, this requirement has been removed, and authorization will only rely on ACLs as specified in the application.

3.14.5. Various database changes

The tables LOG_SESSIONS, LOG_DIMENSIONS, MENU_DYN_PREFS and IMAGE_SIZES are no longer in use, and have all been dropped.

The Object types DIMROWS, GENCODEVALUES, DIMPROPS, ATTRIBUTE_TYPE, ATTRIBPROPS, IKBACLTYPE and IKBGENCODES are no longer in use, and have all been dropped.

The old support for NOARK is dropped from the components. No customers are using this functionality.

3.14.6. Removed portlets

The portlets "forgot password", "register user" and "Custom login" made for Oracle Portal long time ago have not been used by any customers, and have all been dropped.

3.14.7. Removed menu renderers

Four menu renderers not in use have been removed:



Vertikal - fire kolonner



Yahoo - to kolonner



Yahoo - tre kolonner



Yahoo - fire kolonner

Banner style set used in Oracle Portal Viewers has been removed

3.14.9. iKnowBase Instant UserList

The one second delay for the UserList message IKB.USERLIST.USERS has been removed and this message will now be delivered immediately after the connection has been established.

3.14.10. ServiceAPI XML-support

Certain test scenarios have uncovered an internal error in the Oracle JDBC-driver stack while operating on XML-data from java or WebServices. There is no fix available, so you will need to test your application for this kind of error.

3.14.11. Removed functions from ActionPortlet

The actions "edit", "delete", "copy to another parent", "move to another parent" and "copy this + subdocs to a new parent" have been removed from the ActionPortlet. They have not been functional for a few versions, but were still available in the user interface.

3.14.12. Process Studio now ships as a Java plugin

From iKnowBase 6.6 iKnowBase Process Studio ships as a Java plugin, rather than iKnowBase components included in a transport set. During upgrade of an existing installation, all pages and targets in the iKnowBase Process Studio subsystem will be renamed to /ps/deprecated/.

3.15. Release 6.5

3.15.1. Activiti Explorer

The Activiti Explorer web application is removed from the iKnowBase distribution. The Activiti Modeler (BPMN web modeler) is part of the Activiti Explorer and will no longer be available. Use the Activiti Eclipse BPMN 2.0 Designer for process modeling.

3.16. Release 6.4.1

This is a critical maintenance release addressing database connection leaks.

3.16.1. Database connection leak in iKnowBase Batch

The PageEngine component in iKnowBase Batch fails to release acquired database connections and will leak one connection per execution.

The issue has been resolved in this release.

3.16.2. Database connection leak in iKnowBase Viewer

iKnowBase Viewer will suffer database connection leaks if an error occurs during database connection initialization.

The issue has been resolved in this release.

3.16.3. Documentation updates

Some documentation errors have been corrected in README.txt and SAMPLE.properties.

3.17. Release 6.4

3.17.1. Solr Configuration

In Solr Configuration you could define if body and description should be stored or not in SOLR. This is removed as options; use instead the SOLR schema.xml to define it on the attribute body and description. It resulted in unnecessary warnings in Solr console.

Abstract is also removed after TIKA was introduced. We cannot apply values to the field if the content should be extracted from the body. In earlier releases it was all done on the database.

3.17.2. Solr attributes

iKnowBase binary file attributes combined with binary content is not supported when indexing. SOLR/Tika supports only one binary file per document object.

3.17.3. Solr access from groovy

The old syntax for referring to a Solr search engine from a groovy script has changed; see the chapter on migration and compatibility for more information.

3.17.4. Oracle WebLogic 11g no longer supported

Oracle WebLogic 11g is no longer supported for running iKnowBase applications due to requirements for servlet 3.0.

3.17.5. Oracle WebLogic 12c supported

iKnowBase is supported on WebLogic 12c 12.1.1-3 application servers.

3.17.6. GlassFish 4 supported

iKnowBase is supported on GlassFish 4 application servers, but not recommended.

GlassFish 4 (build 89) does not correctly operate behind an SSL terminating reverse proxy and iKnowBase will be unable to determine that the request was originally HTTPS. This issue is reported in https://java.net/jira/browse/GLASSFISH-20842.

GlassFish 4 (build 89) also has problems with session replication in a clustered environment and as a result session failover does not work.

As we strongly recommend all sites to use https for all communication, we do not recommend running a production site on GlassFish 4.

3.17.7. iKnowBase Viewer is deployed to / by default

The iKnowBase Viewer application has traditionally been deployed to /ikbViewer. The application has supported context root /, but this is now set as the default context root.

Customers can still choose to deploy the application as/ikbViewer.

3.17.8. iKnowBase Quickstart configuration

The iKnowBase Quickstart configuration options have been standardized and changed. All previous options are present, but may have a new configuration name. See the provided SAMPLE.properties file.

3.17.9. Only one method in Sendmail will be maintained

Sendmail is used to send emails and have two different methods to build and send the email. The old method combines different functions like sendmail.begin_mail, sendmail.write_text and sendmail.end_mail. These functions will not be maintained, but kept for backward compability. The preferred method is sendmail.mail (with different signatures) and it will be the method that will be maintained in the future. It already have improved functionality like logging and better support for different character sets.

3.18. Release 6.3

Oracle OC4J is no longer supported.

3.19. Release 6.2

There is no known changed and deprecated functionality for this release.

3.20. Release 6.1

Key items for this release

  • The embedded TinyMCE editor has been upgraded to release 3.5.2. Certain layout default has changed in this release of the editor. If you use custom TinyMCE profiles, you may want to verify that these still behave as expected.

  • Ext JS has been migrated from Ext3 to Ext4.

3.21. Release 6.0

These are the key items for this release:

  • All tooltip functions have been converted to use the new tooltip library "ClueTip". We operated with three different tooltip functions in former versions. They will all be converted to display title and description with cluetip from iKnowBase 6.0. The new library is much more flexible and can also use the content of a page as tooltip.

  • The old Document Archive, delivered as a part of the Content Studio application, has been replaced with a new, modern rich web application.

  • The tinyMCE 2.x plug-ins for the iKnowBase image and link pick lists are deprecated. If access to the pick lists are needed, existing tinyMCE 2.x profiles must be upgraded to the latest tinyMCE version.

  • New signature for tooltip functions.

The signature for tooltip functions has changed. In order to achieve maximum performance, the document title will be sent to the custom written function as a parameter. The new API signature is shown below.

FUNCTION <tooltip_function_name>
    p_document_id       IN NUMBER,
    p_page_url          IN VARCHAR2,
    p_back_url          IN VARCHAR2,
    p_reference_path    IN VARCHAR2,
    p_language_id       IN VARCHAR2,
    p_version_no        IN NUMBER,
    p_title             IN VARCHAR2

4. Upgrading from earlier releases

This chapter lists areas where you will need to change your application or infrastructure to support the same functionality as before, or to start using new functionality.

Read this chapter to find out which areas of your solution that may need rework, or where rework will provide better solutions. Start with the chapter describing the iKnowBase release you are upgrading from, and work your way through all the chapters regarding newer releases.

Remember that the installation guide is upgraded for every version. Please read the installation guide before starting your upgrade process.

4.1. Upgrade from iKnowBase 8.2

4.1.1. Discontinued config properties

'has_oracle_ordsys' can be removed from IKB_INSTALLATION_PROPERTIES if present.

4.2. Upgrade from iKnowBase 8.1

4.2.1. New ACL on exports

Import the ACL from Masterdata or create one with external key IKB_SYSADM_ACCESS.

4.2.2. Configuration changes

4.2.3. iKnowBase Plugin Development changes

This release has major library and JDK upgrades that will require some adjustments in your iKnowBase plugins.

As always, merge the contents from the updated plugin starter project with your plugin project and recompile and redeploy all plugins.

Spring changes

Changes for Spring Boot 2.5 and 2.6 and all their dependencies applies, and are documented at https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-boot/wiki/Spring-Boot-2.5-Release-Notes and https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-boot/wiki/Spring-Boot-2.6-Release-Notes . Few of these apply to plugins, but you might have to consider these:

4.3. Upgrade from iKnowBase 8.0

4.3.1. JDK 11

JDK 11 is now the minimum required version to run iKnowBase. Update using any of the OpenJDK 11 distributions.

Oracle’s JDK distribution is NOT free. Choose between the free OpenJDK 11 distributions or commercial supported JDK 11 (LTS) distributions.
Updated Locale Data to Unicode CLDR

With the JDK upgrade the locale data will now by default rely on CLDR - Unicode Common Locale Data Repository. Depending on usage and configuration in the customer specific solution this may affect:

  • Locale-specific patterns for formatting and parsing: dates, times, timezones, numbers and currency values, measurement units,…

  • Translations of names: languages, scripts, countries and regions, currencies, eras, months, weekdays, day periods, time zones, cities, and time units, emoji characters and sequences (and search keywords),…

  • Language & script information: characters used; plural cases; gender of lists; capitalization; rules for sorting & searching; writing direction; transliteration rules; rules for spelling out numbers; rules for segmenting text into graphemes, words, and sentences; keyboard layouts…

  • Country information: language usage, currency information, calendar preference, week conventions,…

  • Validity: Definitions, aliases, and validity information for Unicode locales, languages, scripts, regions, and extensions,…

The default setting for locale providers is java.locale.providers=CLDR,COMPAT,SPI. To rely on the previous default used in JDK8 and earlier, you may set the system property to java.locale.providers=COMPAT,CLDR,SPI.

UTF-8 Properties Files

With JDK 9+ the default encoding when loading property files have changed from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8, see UTF-8 Properties Files.

Most property files will not be affected, however if there is an issue, consider the following options:

  • Convert the properties file into UTF-8 encoding. (Recommended)

  • Specify the runtime system property for the properties file’s encoding, as in this example: java.util.PropertyResourceBundle.encoding=ISO-8859-1

Some plugins have used a specific UTF8Handler when loading resource bundles. This can now be removed.

4.3.2. Configuration changes

Especially note these common properties in application.properties for iKnowBase:
  • server.use-forward-headers=true has changed to server.forward-headers-strategy and most often the value native.

  • The property for setting log directory has changed from logging.path to logging.file.path.

4.3.4. Instant HTTP API moved

The Instant HTTP API (/ikb$service) has been moved.

From To





The main asynchronous endpoint is unchanged and present at /ikbInstant.

4.3.5. Default JDBC socket read timeout

The default JDBC socket read timeout has been changed from no value (never time out) to 10 minutes. If you have long running queries that exceeds this timeout, set spring.datasource.hikari.dataSourceProperties.oracle.jdbc.ReadTimeout.

4.3.6. iKnowBase Plugin Development changes

This release has major library and JDK upgrades that will require some adjustments in your iKnowBase plugins.

As always, merge the contents from the updated plugin starter project with your plugin project.


Review the project’s explicit dependencies vs what’s included with iKnowBase.

Selected modules previously included in the JDK has been removed from the JDK itself. iKnowBase provides dependencies for

  • JavaBeans Activation Framework

  • Java Transaction API

  • JAXB

  • Commons Annotation

iKnowBase does not provide dependency for:

  • JAX-WS (SOAP XML Web Services)


If you rely on any of the removed dependencies in your plugins you’ll need to add an explicit dependency.

Spring changes

Changes for Spring Boot 2.3 and 2.4 and all their dependencies applies, and are documented at https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-boot/wiki/Spring-Boot-2.3-Release-Notes and https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-boot/wiki/Spring-Boot-2.4-Release-Notes . Few of these apply to plugins, but note the change for @ActiveProfiles where you can no longer supply a comma-separated string of multiple profiles, they must be an array.

4.3.7. Datasource monitoring using Java Simon removed

Support for com.iknowbase.datasource.simonWrapper=true has been removed. Use normal metrics support for the datasource.

4.3.8. Oracle 19c: Oracle Multimedia is removed

iKnowBase 8.1 supports the Oracle 19c database, where Oracle Multimedia is no longer available. If the database is upgraded to 19c, any transformations using Oracle Multimedia will not work and must be replaced. The transformations are listed at /ikb$console/development/advanced/transformation. All transformations must be inspected, and any transformation instruction prefixed with ordimg: must be changed. See Content Transformation Service in the Development Guide for alternatives.

4.3.9. Java plugins: JDBC from ContentServicesClient is now initialized as current user

ContentServicesClient.getJdbcOperations() should according to its documentation return a connection initialized as the current user. It did not, but now it does. For plugins, this means:

  • It will potentially run as a different user.

  • The initialization might cause it to run a bit slower, which is unnecessary if initialization is not really needed.

  • It becomes important to close the manually created ContentServicesClient (it always is if running a query, but was not important if the client was just used to fetch the JDBC object).

Validate any use, and if needed, change to ContentServicesEngine.getJdbcOperations(), which is a non-initialized JDBC.

4.3.10. Switch user no longer support GET requests

HTTP requests to invoke the Switch user functionality can no longer use GET requests, it must be POST.

4.4. Upgrade from iKnowBase 7.7.x

4.4.1. Review form definitions

Form definitions are now more strictly validated. Form definitions should be reviewed. When upgrading consult with iKnowBase Product Development and see report at /ikb$console/development/database/report_iknowbase/inconsistency.

4.4.2. Add new details ACL for iKnowBase Content Studio

iKnowBase content Studio has a new document details view that displays all attributes for the selected document. This new view requires ACL with externalKey CS_DETAILS_ACCESS.

Add the ACL manually or merge the included transport set for iKnowBase etc/EXP-IKB_MASTER_<release>-B46F6A1ED4ABECCFE040000A180057BE-iKnowBase_Data.dmp.

If you add manually, the included Access Control List is defined as:

Key Value

Label (n)

Tilgangsgruppe for Content Studio superbrukere

Description (n)

Tilgangsgruppe for Content Studio superbrukere som skal se alle attributter på dokumentene. Kun administratorer og superbrukere må legges til.

Label (us)

Access group for Content Studio super users

Description (us)

Access group for Content Studio super users that should see all attributes when viewing their documents. This should only be administrators and superusers.

External key





Group "IKB_ADMINISTRATORS" with privilege "Read".

If you merge the included transport set:

  1. If you plan to continue using the Classic image form (id=81) after upgrade (default is now a Java based image form):

    1. Before import of transport set: Make a copy of the image form (id=81)

    2. After import of transport set: Convert the image form to an iKnowBase classic form (click on the button in the form edit panel in Development Studio) and reapply custom changes

  2. If you have customized the quicklink "CS Publish links" used in Content Studio pages and picklists:

    1. Before import of transport set: Backup the quicklink "CS Publish links"

    2. After import of transport set: Reapply any custom changes to the quicklink "CS Publish links".

  3. Import transport set

    1. Upload the file "etc/EXP-IKB_MASTER_<release>-B46F6A1ED4ABECCFE040000A180057BE-iKnowBase_Data.dmp" (ikb$console → Development → Advanced → Import → Upload a new file).

    2. Make no changes to the settings and run a pre-check.

    3. Verify the result, and if ok, go back to the edit tab and continue with the "Merge to iKnowBase" action.

4.4.3. Migrate identity federation settings for "social authentication"

Generic support for OAuth2 (and OpenID Connect) identity federation enables sign in support for a wide range of external identity providers. We now rely upon Spring Security’s support for OAuth2.

  1. If you’ve previously enabled "social authentication", you’ll need to change the following configuration settings:

    From To















    (Where PROVIDERID is 'google', 'facebook', etc.)

  2. Change the allowed redirect URIs in the application registration you have with the external identity provider (represented by the …​.clientId):





  3. If you use a custom login page, change the form action:





Upgrade Gradle configuration

Major upgrade of Gradle to 5.x require some changes.

  1. Replace dependency configuration compile with api or implementation.

    1. Use api if you want the dependencies to be transitive. This corresponds to the previous compile configuration.

    2. Use implementation if you don’t want the dependencies to be transitive.

Upgrade source

Major upgrade of java libraries, with the most notable being:




Spring Boot



Spring Framework



Spring Security



Spring Data REST



The upgrade requires that you review, update and rebuild your plugins.

  1. Review changelogs and migration guides for Spring Boot:

  2. Spring Data REST for iKnowBase

    The Spring Data REST upgrade brings new method signatures to the custom iKnowBase repository implementation. Update to match the new signatures and resolve compile error and deprecation warnings.

    Table 2. *RepositoryImpl



    public <S extends T> Iterable<S> save(Iterable<S> entities)

    public <S extends T> Iterable<S> saveAll(Iterable<S> entities)

    public T findOne(ID id)

    public Optional<T> findById(ID id)

    public boolean exists(ID id)

    public boolean existsById(ID id)

    public Iterable<T> findAll(Iterable<ID> ids)

    public Iterable<T> findAllById(Iterable<ID> ids)

    public void delete(ID id)

    public void deleteById(ID id)

    public void delete(Iterable<? extends T> entities)

    public void deleteAll(Iterable<? extends T> entities)

    Table 3. Other notable changes



    public PageRequest(int page, int size, Sort sort)

    public static PageRequest of(int page, int size, Sort sort)

    In addition, the ID is no longer required to extend java.io.Serializable.

  3. Spring REST Docs are more strict and you may be required to update your tests.

  4. BootEmbeddedTestSetup for full integration testing is now available from iKnowBase and you may replace your local BootEmbeddedTestSetup (may be named differently) in favor of the provided one.

4.4.4. Review duplicate mappings in user repository

New unique constraints on IKB_USER.DOCUMENT_GUID and IKB_USER.DIMENSION_GUID are now added during upgradeAll to resolve user synchronization issues where two accounts could map to the same person card/dimension.

The unique constraint on IKB_USER.DN has been removed, since the often stored value (leftmost RDN or CN) in this field is not required to be unique.

Review upgrade log and Repository Check report at /ikb$console/development/database/report_iknowbase/inconsistency#/ and make sure all expected constraints are present.

4.4.5. LDAP sync will no longer fall back to DN lookup

The fallback to IKB_USER.DN lookup if the user was not found by username during sync has been removed (#885). If you rely on this particular behaviour (for example support for changing username) then you’ll need to move this logic into the pre/post-procedures.

4.5. Upgrade from iKnowBase 7.6.x

4.5.1. Password algorithm in iKnowBase user repository has changed

Passwords stored in iKnowBase user repository will now by default use BCrypt. It still supports the old hashing algorithm and can verify both old and new style passwords, but it will change to BCrypt whenever the password is used during authentication or set using either the admin console, the setup application or the user activation page through activation token.

If you rely on integrations that use ikb_authentication package directly to verify password, you should consider migrating this functionality to java based BCrypt. If not, you may still continue using the old hashing algorith by setting the configuration property com.iknowbase.spring.security.ikbauth.passwordHandler=LEGACY.

You may disable automatic password migration on authentication by setting the configuration property com.iknowbase.spring.security.ikbauth.legacyPasswordMigrationOnAuthenticationEnabled=false.

4.5.2. Spring Security firewall settings

Spring Security’s firewall settings are now more strict by default to better protect against frequent sources of security exploits.

If these new security rules block a request, they will normally log The request was rejected because the URL contained a potentially malicious String…​... These types of requests should normally be avoided. Contact iKnowBase Product Development Team if you need to allow one or more of these common sources of security exploits.

4.6. Upgrade from iKnowBase 7.5.x

4.6.1. Changes to ikb_global_prefs-package

The mechanism for customizing the ikb_global_prefs database package has changed. No manual steps are required during upgrade, however please note the new mechanisms for changing these settings:

From iKnowBase 7.6, the createGlobalPrefs (also executed via configureUser) command will load custom values from the ikb_installation_properties table using instance_qualifier 'ikb_global_prefs', and use these when generating the package. The new mechanism also allows for adding custom properties, if desired.

To preserve your existing configuration, iKnowBase will automatically during the upgrade process add any non-default options you already have set in IKB_GLOBAL_PREFS to the ikb_installation_properties table.

4.6.2. URL encoding changes

URL encoding in iKnowBase has been updated to improve security and provide a more standardized experience. While most changes pose no risk to existing applications, the removal of iKnowBase’s custom back url encoding in iKnowBase Classic might require updates in customer specific code.


  • Start on page: /example?p1=v1&p2=v2

  • Access a form from the current page (note the URL param p_form_back_url)

    • Old form URL: /form?p_style_id=123456&p_form_back_url=/example?p1=v1^p2=v2

    • New form URL: /form?p_style_id=123456&p_form_back_url=%2Fexample%3Fp1%3Dv1%26p2%3Dv2

  • Look for custom code specifically handling URL params delimited with ^.

WebDAV edit links will by default only be available if the instance has WebDAV enabled. If you have deployed the WebDAV service to a different instance, you may explicitly enable the WebDAV links by setting configuration property com.iknowbase.plugin.ikbcontentstudio.enableWebDavEditActions=true.


To simplify handling List attributes, iKnowBase would previously ensure that all form bean properties of type java.util.List would be initialized to an empty list and never be null. This behaviour should have been limited to managed properties annotated with @AttributeMapping

From iKnowBase 7.6 backing form bean properties of type java.util.List without @AttributeMapping will no longer be initialized to an empty List. Check your existing form beans and ensure you don’t rely on iKnowBase to initialize these properties.

4.7. Upgrade from iKnowBase 7.4.x

4.7.1. Resource configuration

The default configured embedded static resource handlers for /ressurs/** and /plugin-resources/** using configuration property com.iknowbase.server.resource.embedded.handlers[index].\* have been grouped into a single handler for /** and serves resources from these locations:

  • classpath:/META-INF/resources/

  • classpath:/resources/

  • classpath:/static/

  • classpath:/public/

If you’ve changed configuration for a specific embedded resource handler you need to

  1. See if the new configuration meets your needs, or

  2. Change settings, such as caching, for com.iknowbase.server.resource.embedded.handlers[0], or

  3. Define a custom resource handler, which takes precedence over the embedded resource handler.

Spring Boot upgraded from 1.4.x to 1.5.x

iKnowBase has been upgraded from Spring Boot 1.4.4 to 1.5.3 and the Spring Boot wiki (https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-boot/wiki/Spring-Boot-1.5-Release-Notes) describes relevant changes.

In particular if you use @ConfigurationProperties validation for your plugins, this change applies:

If you have @ConfigurationProperties classes that use JSR-303 constraint annotations, you should now additionally annotate them with @Validated. Existing validation will currently continue to work, however, a warning will be logged. In the future, classes without @Validated will not be validated at all.

4.8. Upgrade from iKnowBase 7.3.x

4.8.1. Application configuration

Log configuration

If you rely on custom log configuration files (in Log4j v1.x format) you must upgrade these configuration files to Log4j 2.x format.

Note that log file names have changed from log4j-<profile>.properties to log4j2-<profile>.properties. See application.properties.SAMPLE for updated names.

Datasource configuration

Some properties have changed namespace due to upgrade of Spring Boot platform:



spring.datasource.<tuning options>

spring.datasource.hikari.<tuning options>



See updated application.properties.SAMPLE.

Web Services configuration

Custom configuration option for the Web Services path (/ws) has changed from com.iknowbase.ws.endpointRoot to Spring Boot’s default spring.webservices.path.

WebDAV configuration

If you use custom WebDAV file server in iKnowBase, you must update the new configuration option com.iknowbase.webdav.pathExpr to match the paths the WebDAV server should intercept. By default it will only intercept iKnowBase WebDAV Content server at /ikb$content.

4.8.2. Enable new REST API for user repository

A new plugin iknowbase-rest-userrepository is available in the distribution. Deploy it as a standard plugin.

The new REST service requires an Access Control List with external key REST_REPOSITORY_ACCESS to be present.

ACL privileges:

  • READ privilege for list, read and query

  • MODIFY privilege for create and update

  • DELETE privilege for delete

You may change the ACL used by configuring com.iknowbase.rest.*

  • com.iknowbase.rest.custom.aclApiAcl for Acl repository

  • com.iknowbase.rest.custom.aclMemberApiAcl for AclMember repository

  • com.iknowbase.rest.custom.groupApiAcl for Group repository

  • com.iknowbase.rest.custom.userApiAcl for User repository

See detailed documentation available at /ressurs/iknowbase/doc/html/rest/ikb/index.html once the plugin has been deployed.

4.8.3. iKnowBase Plugin Development changes

Spring Boot upgraded from 1.3.8 to 1.4.4

iKnowBase has been upgraded from Spring Boot 1.3.8 to 1.4.4 and the Spring Boot wiki (https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-boot/wiki/Spring-Boot-1.4-Release-Notes) describes relevant changes.

In particular iKnowBase will now provide these additional test dependencies.

  • com.jayway.jsonpath:json-path

  • com.jayway.jsonpath:json-path-assert

  • org.assertj:assertj-core

  • org.skyscreamer:jsonassert

If you’ve included these in your iKnowBase Java SDK plugins, make sure you remove these explicit dependencies to avoid possible library collisions.

4.9. Upgrade from iKnowBase 7.2.x

4.9.1. WebDAV API - Lock Manager Events

WebDAV Lock Manager Events have been moved from non-API to official iKnowBase API area. If you have consumed these events in iKnowBase Plugins on earlier versions you need to update package locations for these events.

4.9.2. iKnowBase Authentication Plugin for Oracle WebLogic

iKnowBase Authentication Plugin for Oracle WebLogic is no longer supported. Use WebLogic’s own ReadOnlySQLAuthenticator Authentication Provider if you require "container" authentication. See Installation Guide for configuration details.

4.9.3. Deploy and upgrade iKnowBase Content Studio

Consider if your site needs iKnowBase Content Studio. Note that iKnowBase Content Studio includes the document and image picklists which are used for publication. If you don’t need iKnowBase Content Studio, you can skip this step.

iKnowBase Content Studio ships as an external plugin which must be deployed. To deploy iKnowBase Content Studio, follow the instructions in the Installation Guide.

To upgrade iKnowBase Content Studio, please do as follows:

  1. If you plan to continue using the Classic image form (id=81) after upgrade (default is now a Java based image form):

    1. Before import of transport set: Make a copy of the image form (id=81)

    2. After import of transport set: Convert the image form to an iKnowBase classic form (click on the button in the form edit panel in Development Studio) and reapply custom changes

  2. If you have customized the quicklink "CS Publish links" used in Content Studio pages and picklists:

    1. Before import of transport set: Backup the quicklink "CS Publish links"

    2. After import of transport set: Reapply any custom changes to the quicklink "CS Publish links".

  3. Import transport set

    1. Upload the file "etc/EXP-IKB_MASTER_<release>-B46F6A1ED4ABECCFE040000A180057BE-iKnowBase_Data.dmp" (ikb$console → Development → Advanced → Import → Upload a new file).

    2. Make no changes to the settings and run a pre-check.

    3. Verify the result, and if ok, go back to the edit tab and continue with the "Merge to iKnowBase" action.

4.9.4. iKnowBase Plugin Development changes

war plugins are no longer supported and all plugins must now use the regular jar setup. The jar projects have been enhanced with

  • support for copying your additional libraries to build output directory

  • support for generating a distribution zip file with your plugin code as .jar as well ass all additional dependencies.

As always, merge the contents from the updated plugin starter project with your plugin project.

See Development Guide > iKnowBase Development Toolkit for details.

4.10. Upgrade from iKnowBase 7.1.x

4.10.1. iKnowBase application configuration

The iKnowBase application is now based on Spring Boot. This change brings MAJOR changes and enhancements to configuration of the embedded iKnowBase Web Server.

Your existing configuration contained in the properties file (e.g. production.properties or iknowbase.properties) MUST be migrated to the new configuration format.

  1. Copy the provided <distribution>/etc/application.properties.SAMPLE as application.properties. Please note that application.properties is by default the required name of this file.

  2. Migrate your settings from the old format to the new format.

While the new configuration format should be quite self-explanatory, you should note that:

  • The System. prefix was previously used to set a System property, which was used to configure the iKnowBase application. This prefix is no longer in use and you may migrate your settings from System.foo.bar.baz to just foo.bar.baz.

  • Embedded (Jetty) web server: While Spring Boot covers most settings under server.*, iKnowBase provides extra options under com.iknowbase.server.\*.

  • The static resources application iknowbase-resources is now part of the main application available at /ressurs.

  • Custom static resources directories must now be specified using com.iknowbase.server.resource.custom.handlers[<index>].

Advanced: The configuration options that are available and how they can be set are now based on Spring Boot. Please see boot-features-external-config and common-application-properties for for more details.

4.10.2. iKnowBase application commands

With the move to Spring Boot, we no longer support specifying the properties file as the first parameter to iknowbase.sh/IKNOWBASE.BAT. The property file application.properties is the default and recommended name.


  • OLD: ./iknowbase.sh production.properties upgradeAll

  • NEW: ./iknowbase.sh upgradeAll

4.10.3. iKnowBase application logging

iKnowBase will now by default rotate logfiles on a daily basis. The application logs will log to iknowbase.log and change to iknowbase.YYYY_MM_DD.log after log rotation.

You may still provide your own log4j configuration file or even run without any (just standard out logging).

iKnowBase Web Server only:

The access logs will log directly to to iknowbase.request.YYYY_MM_DD.log. Access logging will now log using NCSA format and supports various configurable options.

4.10.4. Static resources: Location and configuration

The static resources application iknowbase-resources is now part of the main application available at /ressurs.

See application.properties.SAMPLE for configuration options for the embedded resources as well as any custom resource areas you want to serve using the iKnowBase application.

Note for custom context root deployments only

The resource path is now relative to the context root for the main application. If you deploy to a custom context root, like '/example', the static resource area will follow to '/example/ressurs' etc.

You must also ensure that the infrastructure (reverse proxy) maps the default paths to the context root paths.

  • '/ressurs' to '/example/ressurs'

  • '/plugin-resources' to '/example/plugin-resources'

4.10.5. Static resources: Cache headers

iKnowBase will now send cache headers for static resources (default areas: /ressurs and /plugin-resources).

Review any existing settings for caching of static resources. If you’ve already configured an intermediate server such as Apache httpd with cache headers, consider removing these settings and adjust the iKnowBase configuration instead.

See Development Guide > Performance and application.properties.SAMPLE for more details.

4.10.6. Static resources: Versioned resource resolution

iKnowBase supports versioned address based on content for static resources. These resources will by default be served with long cache max-age for browser and any intermediate cache capable servers since any change to these resources will generate a new address for the changed resources.

To take full advantage of this new capability, you’ll need to update your presentationt templates. See Development Guide > Performance and application.properties.SAMPLE for details.

4.10.7. Static resources: In-memory caching

All static resources, such as the embedded resources available at /ressurs and /plugin-resources, are cached in-memory (non replicated) in the iKnowBase application for performance reasons.

This means that any change to these resources, or any other custom resource locations you define, require that you clear the cache (name prefix "serverResourceCache") either by using ikb$console or by restarting the application.

If you prefer to be able to change the custom resources without clearing the cache you may

  • set the custom handler group’s defaultCacheResourceResolutionEnabled to false to change the group’s default setting, or

  • set the specific resource handler’s cacheResourceResolution to false and disable the in-memory cache for that particular handler.

Please note that disabling in-memory cache reduces performance to about 1/3 compared to in-memory cached resources (still quite fast, but not THAT fast).

See application.properties.SAMPLE for details.

4.10.8. Compression

Compression og text content is highly recommended to reduce bandwidth usage and transfer time from server to client.

The iKnowBase WebServer will by default compress all text content (html, text, css, js, xml) if the client signals that it supports compression using @Accept-Encoding@ header. All modern browsers will send this header by default.

If you’ve already configured compression in an intermediate server, such as Apache httpd, you may consider disabling the compression support in Apache (or at least one of them) to keep the infrastructure configuration and functionality clean.

See application.properties.SAMPLE for configuration options.

4.10.9. HTTP Sessions

Default session handling is now using database persisted sessions and the sessions are fully managed by the application (not the application server).

The change also means that session cleanup due to session inactivity (timeout) is a global cleanup. If you have more than one iKnowBase application running against the same database repository, the timeout should be set to the same value for all. If you require separate session timeout settings for different sites, discuss the requirement, configuration possibilities and consequences with the iKnowBase Product Development team.

While the new database persisted sessions is the recommended approach, it is still possible to use in-memory or the server’s native in memory session handling, see installation guide and application.properties.SAMPLE for details.

HTTP Session Attributes

The new default handling of data stored as session attribute requires that if you modify an existing session attribute, you must call session.setAttribute(key, value) to persist the updated object. Review all code calling session.getAttribute or getSessionAttribute and make sure modifications are persisted. setAttribute on session will mark the attribute as changed.

Background: Session attribute handling in earlier versions of iKnowBase had the same requirement to be able to replicate session attributes (replication was available for WebLogic and GlassFish), but you would be able to modify objects without an explicit setAttribute, however the attribute would not have been replicated. iKnowBase Web Server did not support session replication earlier, but you would be able to store a modified attribute without explicit calling setAttribute.

4.10.10. Content Transformation Service

The new Content Transformation service leverages preexisting support from existing Image Editor, File Converter, Oracle Multimedia and Oracle Text.

Image Editor, Oracle Multimedia and Oracle Text are by default enabled without any configuration requirements.


FileConverter was previously only executed by the Batch Server, but can now be triggered via both Content Server (Viewer) and Transformation Server (Batch).

If you’ve previously installed FileConverter and you want to use FileConverter via Content Server (HTTP to /Content or /private/content) you must make sure that FileConverter is installed on all servers running the Content Server or the service will not be available.

If you only use FileConverter through the PLSQL API you don’t need to change anything.

With the exception of com.iknowbase.batch.fileConverter.outsideInDirectory, all com.iknowbase.batch.fileConverter configuration options have been removed. File Converter for Batch is now handled by the Transformation Server, which has similar AQ configuration options.

PLSQL API batch_fileconvert_client is still available for backwards compatibility. It uses the new PLSQL API ikb_transformation_service. You should consider changing to the new PLSQL API in custom code.


All com.iknowbase.batch.imageEditor configuration options have been removed. File Converter for Batch is now handled by the Transformation Server, which has similar AQ configuration options.

PLSQL API batch_fileconvert_client is still available for backwards compatibility. It uses the new PLSQL API ikb_transformation_service. You should consider changing to the new PLSQL API in custom code.

4.10.11. Content Transformation Usage

By introducing the new content transformation service from iKnowBase 7.2, image variants will no longer be populated as attributes when an image is stored. Instead, image variants will be transformed on-the-fly and cached for later use. The upgrade script will automatically convert instances of /attr=<attribute value guid> to /transformation=<transformation type>. This applies to stored HTML-content (in DOCUMENT and DOCUMENT_ATTRIBUTE LOB-columns). The presentation style will also be migrated to use transformation instead of Image variant and the special functions View as PDF/HTML/TEXT.

Still, there might be traces of /attr= in on-site code that need to be fixed.

  • Check your custom PL/SQL for instances of /attr=. Check the page /ikb$console/development/database/report_iknowbase/upgrade. The code is normally a select against document_attribute where the variant was stored.

  • Check your client code by searching ikb$console for instances of /attr=

  • Be aware that transformation functions in a presentation style always will create a transformation. If the variant was non-existing in prior releases, the original images was displayed.

In PL/SQL code, skip the join against document_attribute and use a transformation-clause instead. e.g. select '/Content/' || da.document_id || '/attr='|| da.object_guid || '/' || d.filename url from document d, document_attribute da …​. can be replaced with select '/Content/' || d.document_id || '/transformation='|| <name of the transformation> || '/' || d.filename url from document d…​.

4.10.12. LOBS stored as SECUREFILE

SecureFiles was first introduced in Oracle Database 11g. Write performance using SecureFiles is enhanced by a new cache that buffers writes before writing to disk. Advanced features such as compression and deduplication reduce disk I/Os further at the cost of a slight CPU overhead. Intelligent pre-fetching especially during streaming reads offer better performance during reads. SecureFiles uses an advanced space management routine that is optimized for large, contiguous I/Os. In addition, there are several innovations with the wire protocol, locking algorithms etc. that make SecureFiles far more scalable than LOBs or file systems. iKnowBase 7.2 is the first release with SECUREFILE as its default LOB storage mechanism.

  • All LOB objects in a new installation will always use SECUREFILE.

  • Custom LOB objects created on-site should be created with a SECUREFILE instruction. It can either be done by a database initializion parameter (ALTER SYSTEM SET db_securefile = 'ALWAYS') or in the create-statement (create table …​ (lob_col BLOB) LOB (ERR_MSG) STORE AS SECUREFILE).

  • Upgrade from prior releases require some manual steps to move DOCUMENT LOB data from BASICFILE to SECUREFILE.

    • Make sure you have sufficient disk space (as least as the total size of the tables DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT_ATTRIBUTE, VERSIONED_DOCUMENT and VERSIONED_DOCUMENT_ATTRIBUTE).

      • Check the page /ikb$console/development/database/report_iknowbase/upgrade. It can report disk usage for these tables.


    • If running Oracle Enterprise Edition, do the following operations:

      • Grant permissions: ./iknowbase.sh dbscriptAsSys common/securefile_grant.sql <logfile>

      • Create interim tables: ./iknowbase.sh dbscript common/securefile_tables.sql <logfile>

      • Move from BASICFILE to SECUREFILE: ./iknowbase.sh dbscript common/securefile_ee.sql <logfile>

      • Verify the error log before you continue. Either check the ikb$console page /ikb$console/development/database/report_iknowbase/sql_script or run the query select instance, timestamp, to_char(err_msg) from ikb_error_tab where instance like 'redef_securefile_%' order by error_id. If all columns are already converted to securefile, there is no need to recreate the Oracle Text index.

      • Create the Oracle Text index: Log off the session, log on again with iKnowBase schema owner and execute begin ikb_adm_ctx.create_index; ikb_adm_ctx.start_indexing; end;.

      • Revoke the permissions : ./iknowbase.sh dbscriptAsSys common/securefile_revoke.sql <logfile>

    • If running Oracle Standard Edition, do the following operations:

      • Move from BASICFILE to SECUREFILE: ./iknowbase.sh dbscript common/securefile_se.sql <logfile>

      • Verify the error log before you continue. Either check the ikb$console page /ikb$console/development/database/report_iknowbase/sql_script or run the query select instance, timestamp, to_char(err_msg) from ikb_error_tab where instance like 'redef_securefile_%' order by error_id. If all columns already is converted to securefile, there is no need to recreate the Oracle Text index.

      • Create the Oracle Text index: Log off the session, log on again with iKnowBase schema owner and execute begin ikb_adm_ctx.create_index; ikb_adm_ctx.start_indexing; end;.

4.10.13. Removed end point

The unofficial endpoint /cs/<externalkey>/valuelist.json is no longer supported. Verify that this end point is not in use on your site by performing a search in Development Studio.

4.10.14. Development Toolkit for Java

The iKnowBase Development Toolkit for Java has been simplified and you may now choose between:

  • sample-starter-singleproject

  • sample-starter-multiproject

The single project setup is recommended if you want to share this plugin with other projects/teams/customers.

The multi project setup is recommended if you develop a set of plugins for a specific customer and you don’t intend to share these plugins.

Developers are strongly encouraged to re-read the updated iKnowBase Development Toolkit section in the Development Guide.

Upgrade steps:

  1. Update your gradle files to match the setup used in one the sample-starter projects.

    • gradle.properties (artifactory*-variables are no longer used and may be removed).

    • gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.properties.

    • build.gradle (Greatly simplified through use of new iKnowBase Gradle script plugins).

  2. Re-import / refresh your gradle project in IntelliJ.

  3. Update all src/main/resources/META-INF/spring.factories files.

    • OLD: com.iknowbase.api.server.SpringModule=Your.Spring.Module.

    • NEW: org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.EnableAutoConfiguration=Your.Spring.Module.

  4. Update application configuration (filename and contents).

    • OLD: iknowbase.properties

    • NEW: application.properties (Copy application.properties.template from sample-starter-*)

  5. Update run configuration in IntelliJ.

    • OLD: com.iknowbase.jetty.util.QuickstartFactory ("Application" run configuration type)

    • NEW: com.iknowbase.BootEmbeddedApplication ("Spring Boot" run configuration type)

    • Profile: Use profile dev for local development. This will disable various optimizations that will reduce the need for restarts. With Spring Boot plugin to IntelliJ use the Active Profiles section. With standard Java application, use JVM property -Dspring.profiles.active=dev.

  6. Optional: Migrate and simplify your Spring managed beans from manual @Bean instantiation to @ComponentScan. See samples.

    • Review/Update: ALL controller methods that return a response that should be interpreted as http response body (String, JSON, ..) MUST declare this using @ResponseBody on the controller method. This is and has been the recommended way, but iKnowBase 7.1 and earlier would resolve this as JSON without @ResponseBody. From iKnowBase 7.2 you will get an error stating that the page(or view) could not be found.

Note that all "ikb*"-gradle tasks have been removed from the new setup as they are no longer required.

4.10.15. Updated minimum version of Oracle WebLogic

The minimum version of Oracle WebLogic is updated, see the chapter "Supported application servers".

4.10.16. Instant on Oracle WebLogic logs warnings (unresolved issue IKB-3343)

iKnowBase Instant will trigger warnings ´WELD-000714´ from org.jboss.weld.Servlet and WELD-000225 from org.jboss.weld.Context when the client closes the Instant connection, either explicitly by unsubscribing or when the web browser navigates away from a page with an active Instant connection.

iKnowBase Instant works despite these warnings and until the issue is resolved you should consider setting log level for these packages to ERROR to avoid spamming the logs.

4.11. Upgrade from iKnowBase 7.1.0

4.11.1. WebDAV

7.1.1 changes the WebDAV lock infrastructure from an in-memory to a database persisted solution. Default lock timeout is set to 1 hour (default Microsoft Office lock timeout) and the timeout is now also configurable (WebDAV configuration).

This change is done automatically and no additional upgrade steps are required if the default suits your needs.

With the lock infrastructure persisted to database, the WebDAV module may now be clustered.

4.12. Upgrade from iKnowBase 6.7

4.12.1. Infrastructure requirements

From this release, iKnowBase requires Java 8u40 or newer to run. The embedded web server automatically supports this, but if you use WebLogic you will also need to upgrade to the currently supported version newer. GlassFish v3 does not support Java 8, so GlassFish v3 is no longer supported. The embedded web server supports all known workloads currently being served by iKnowBase on GlassFish v3.

iKnowBase web server

The iKnowBase web server is now based on a Jetty version, which uses updated HTTP specifications.

This upgrade removes support for HTTP/0.9. While this update should not affect end user clients, it might affect systems requesting information from iKnowBase over HTTP. The systems need to adjust to follow updated HTTP specs.

4.12.2. New name for the wrapper scripts

Previously, the iKnowBase setup program and quickstart web server was started using the QUICKSTART.BAT or quickstart.sh scripts. This has been renamed to IKNOWBASE.BAT or iknowbase.sh. All scripts that reference the old script will have to be modified.

4.12.3. Security configuration changes

The LDAP authentication configuration option 'userDnPattern' has been changed to 'userSearchBase'. Update your configuration accordingly.


Old option Old value New option New value






CN={0},CN=Premium Users


CN=Premium Users

The LDAP search will, like before, search for users in the specified tree(s) and below.

4.12.4. Desupport of iKnowBase Add-in for Microsoft Office

During upgrade, any usage of the presentation style function "edit document" is changed to an "edit using webdav" function instead. A component that already had both functions will now have two copies of the webdav-function; you should then manually remove the extra function after upgrading.

4.12.5. Merge Solr search engine configurations

Previous versions allowed you to set up two different URLs for each search source, one for indexing and one for searching documents. This was almost never used, and all known installations use the same URL twice. It is now only possible to specify a single URL for both indexing and searching. If you need different configurations, create a separate search engine configuration for each.

4.12.6. Service API for Java

In the java-version of the Service API (the interface DocumentService), several methods have received new overloaded versions. If you ever called any of these functions with a literal null parameter, you will have to add a cast to your code:

  • setDocumentIdentity

  • setParentDocumentReference

  • setDocumentTypeReference

  • setAclReference

  • setStatusReference

// documentService.setAclReference (null);
// or
ObjectReference aclReference = null;

4.12.7. FreeMarker API

The formatted html value of a field, ie text and html properties, is escaped using Apache Commons, which escapes according to the HTML4 specification. In earlier versions of iKnowBase, a custom function which didn’t escape norwegian characters was used.

4.12.8. HTML portlet #PARAM substitutions are now limited to strict validation

#PARAM substitutions in HTML portlets are now limited to strict validation due to security issue IKB-3068. Numbers, date strings and simple system strings (typical used as external key) are allowed. All other input values will result in logged (WARN) validation error "Unable to substitute #PARAM-tags..".

If you rely on any other types of input to #PARAM tags, you need to rewrite this functionality.

4.12.9. Upgraded Solr client libraries

The embedded Solrj client libraries have been upgraded. With the version, there have been some API changes. The most relevant changes are listed below, but for full details you will need to check the Solr documentation.

  • SolrQuery deprecated methods have been removed:

    • setSortField(String, ORDER) should use setSort(…​)

    • addSortField(String, ORDER) should use addSort(…​)

    • removeSortField(String, ORDER) should use removeSort(…​)

    • getSortFields() should use getSorts()

4.12.10. iKnowBase Content Studio configuration

The iKnowBase Content Studio plugin requires a set of metadata with the external keys as given in the table below. Your site can be configured to use custom external keys, see iKnowBase Installation Guide > Content Studio Plugin. Ensure that your site is either set up with the default external keys or that you have added the necessary configuration.

Type Label External key Usage


Access group for Content Studio


User authorization




Image form and image metadata; Automatically extracted and stored as document attribute when image is created, maintainable in image form


Image Archive


Image form




Image form and image metadata; Automatically extracted and stored as document attribute when image is created, maintainable in image form


Image height


Image form


Keep image ratio


Image form


Image width


Image form


iKB Common Subtypes


Document archive and picklist (filter)


iKB Related Object


Newsarticle form (Optional)


iKB Channel


Newsarticle form (Optional)


iKB Image


Newsarticle form (Optional)




Image and document archives and picklists, image form




Newsarticle form (Optional)




Image form


Finished (Valuelist:iKB Document Status)


Document for approval page (IKB$STATUS filter)

4.12.11. iKnowBase Process Studio

iKnowBase Process Studio has been converted to an external iKnowBase plugin and is no longer installed by default. The plugin is provided alongside the iKnowBase distribution files. For installation details, see iKnowBase Documentation > Installation Guide > Java Applications > Installing plugins and patches.

4.12.12. Oracle JDBC driver (bug #19857183)

Due to a bug in the Oracle JDBC driver (bug #19857183), certain XML operations are only available when using the Oracle 12c database.

iKnowBase issue reference: IKB-2878

4.12.13. Repository changes and custom code

iKnowBase 7.0 has introduced a few changes that might have an impact on custom PL/SQL code.

Description Solution


Queries against IKB_PORTLET_PREFS with reference_path in the statement has to use ID instead. e.g. "where reference_path = ", use "where id = "

DOCUMENT.CONTENT_TYPE doesn’t exists anymore

CONTENT_TYPE was used to identify if the content was text or binary. Use the column DOCUMENT.STORAGE_TYPE instead. The possible values are FILE, TEXT, URL, XML or NONE.

IKB_PCK_DOCUMENT.GET_FORMAT (p_filename) doesn’t exist anymore

The function returned ikb_format.content_type based on the extension. Use the column DOCUMENT.STORAGE_TYPE instead.


The object types still exists, but we recommend to use OT_ACL/CT_ACLS, OT_VALUELIST/CT_VALUELISTS and OT_VALUELIST_VALUE/CT_VALUELIST_VALUES


By default, P_CONTENT_OPERATION is set to MERGE if you don’t explicit set it. If you then update a document without any content (e.g. ot_document.binary_content/text_content/url/xml_data is null), it will clear the content fields. You have to set P_CONTENT_OPERATION to IKB_SERVICE_API.SAVE_OPERATION_NONE to avoid a clearing of the content data. To identify all places where the function is used, please run a query like this : Select * from all_source where upper(text) like '%IKB_SERVICE_API.SAVE_DOCUMENT%'.

New signatures for some functions in OID_SYNC

The functions Get_group_memberships, Get_group_membership and Getattributevalue now use an object type to tranfer sync profile data. oid_sync.ldap_instance_rec has been introduced and if you need to create an instance of it, use oid_sync.initialize (p_sync_id IN NUMBER, p_external_key IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL) RETURN oid_sync.ldap_instance_rec;

4.13. Upgrade from iKnowBase 6.6

4.13.1. Application to modules

All web applications have been merged to one web application.

Review your current deployments and deploy the application with the required modules enabled. By default, the modules Batch, Studio and Viewer are enabled.

See installation guide for updated instructions and configuration.

4.13.2. WebServices

The application iknowbase-webservices-webapp has been removed, and the WebServices functionality has been incorporated into the single iknowbase-webapp. This means that there is (by default) no deployment at the endpoint /ikbWebServices anymore, and references to /ikbWebServices/ws will thus not work.

The web services endpoint root is from this release available as an installation property. The default value is /ws. You should change this to /ikbWebServices/ws for existing sites which already use the iKnowBase web services.

Note! On WebLogic Server the web services endpoint root must be changed to something different than /ws, e.g. /ikbWebServices/ws, as the /ws endpoint in iKnowBase is currently reserved for web socket communication when deployed on WebLogic.

4.13.3. Plugin Development

You need to create a new plugin development workspace and manually migrate your plugins to the new build structure. See updated plugin development documentation.

Update all Spring Controller plugins must

  • Replace @Controller with @RequestMapping annotation.

  • Add new @Configuration class as the Spring beans factory that will create your Controller.

  • Add new spring.factories file that points to the @Configuration class.

4.13.4. Instant

Javascript onError callback will now be called for all server errors. Previously this required custom error detection as not all server errors would result in onError callback.

If you require the old reconnect behavior, set atmosphere option reconnectOnServerError to true.

4.14. Upgrade from iKnowBase 6.5

4.14.1. Migrate FreeForm and tabular presentation styles

This release offer a tool to convert from free form/tabular styles to freemarker templates. You can do it either one by one, or as a bulk operation to convert all styles. You do also have the option to rollback. The functions are available from iKnowBase Studio → Development tools → Presentation styles.

4.14.2. Authentication

Customers using iKnowBase Quickstart (now known as iKnowBase Web Server) need to review all authentication configuration, since all iKnowBase Web Server specific modules has been replaced by new authentication modules.

Customers using Oracle WebLogic may use the default container mode for username and password authentication. They may also change from container mode to the new set of authentication modules. Use of some of WebLogic authentication modules like SPNEGO and SAML2 require special deployment descriptor and role protection not included in the standard web archive to function properly. Contact support for assistance if you require use of these WebLogic authentication modules. Note that iKnowBase’s set of authentication modules includes both SPNEGO and SAML2.

4.14.3. Authorization

The roles IKB_USERS, IKB_DEVELOPERS and IKB_SYSADMINS are no longer in use. Groups that exist only to provide these roles may be removed.

Users that need developer / system administrator access must have the admin flag set in the iKnowBase User Repository. User synchronization may need to be adjusted if administrator access is controlled from an external repository.

4.14.4. Logout

If in use, change the logout target from /ikb$logout to /ikb$auth/logout and the redirect URL from path parameter to the new url parameter "redirect".

4.15. Upgrade from iKnowBase 6.4

4.15.1. New signature for Custom Save procedures

Custom Save-procedures are used when the default behavior during a save process from a form needs customizations. Normally the starting point is the standard procedure ikb_ce_custom_editor_portlet.save_document when a new custom save procedure is created. The standard procedure signature has been expanded during the years and to enable new functionality in custom save procedures you need to change the signature and also some of the logic within the procedure. To identify mismatches between the standard procedure and a custom procedure, use the report "Custom Save (Form) compability" under ikbStudio→Database Admin→Reports. For backward compability it will work AS IS, but new functionality will not be enabled. The list describes the arguments and what functionality it enables:

Argument name Description


Replaces p_description_array (used by the LEAD-attribute in iKnowBase). From iKnowBase 6.5, large text areas can be posted as CLOBS. Enables support of arbitrary text-editors in Forms.


Replaces p_text_array (used by the CONTENT-attribute in iKnowBase). From iKnowBase 6.5, large text areas can be posted as CLOBS. Enables support of arbitrary text-editors in Forms.


Replaces p_long_text_arrays (used by the CLOB-attributes in iKnowBase). From iKnowBase 6.5, large text areas can be posted as CLOBS. Enables support of arbitrary text-editors in Forms.


Used to check if the session has changed since the form was loaded.


Used to check if a document has been changed since the form was loaded.

Make sure to add the arguments to the call of the stored procedure ikb_ce_custom_editor_portlet.func_save_document too, e.g:

l_document_id := func_save_document (
    p_description     => p_description,
    p_text_indexed    => p_text_indexed,
    p_attribute_clobs => p_attribute_clobs,
    p_last_timestamp  => p_last_timestamp,
    p_session_id      => p_session_id);

4.15.2. iKnowBase Quickstart sessions cookies

To avoid session collisions between iKnowBase Webapp deployed to / and any other applications also using sessions, the sessionid is given a unique name per web application.


  • New. IKBSESSION using default session handling

    • JSESSIONID using native WebLogic sessions (not default)

    • IKBSESSIONSERVER using native iKnowBase Web Server sessions (not default)

4.15.3. iKnowBase Instant

Reconnect on close

In case the server is unavailable, sends an error or there is a network outage for the client, the iKnowBase Instant JS API will no longer reconnect forever to prevent browser locking and unnecessary server load. Five (5) attempts are made to reconnect before the connection is aborted with onError callback. The atmosphere option maxReconnectOnClose controls this behavior.


When using the default long-polling transport, the onOpen callback will now be triggered properly without the client needing to publish a message.

As described in the previous section, the onError callback will be triggered after 5 reconnect attempts (and onReconnect callbacks) are made.


Javascript clients will no longer receive JOIN message for their own join. The user is still present in the USERS message sent after joining if the client subscribes to these messages.

Message format

The message format IKB used by the asynchronous javascript clients carried a data payload encoded as JSON string. This extra encoding has now been removed and clients need only parse the whole response message body.

In the onMessage callback, keep the JSON parsing of the response.responseBody to IKBResponseMessage object, but remove the extra JSON-parsing for IKBResponseMessage.data.


The iKnowBase Instant installation properties configuration has been adjusted. Review the renamed configuration changes and update installation_properties accordingly.


  • com.iknowbase.instant.suspendTimeoutLP: Default heartbeat functionality has been added.


  • disconnectCleanupInactivityThreshold:

  • cleanupDisconnectedConnectionsThreshold

disconnectCleanupInterval: cleanupTopicThreshold


  • broadcastDelayUserListUsers

  • broadcastDelayUserListJoin

  • broadcastDelayServerRequest

4.16. Upgrade from iKnowBase 6.3

4.16.1. Solr

Due to the improved Solr support, the syntax for referring to a solr search client from a groovy script has now changed:

// Old vs new
 // def client = iknowbase.beans.searchClient
 // def client = searchClients.<name>; e.g. for the intranetsearch
engine: def client = searchClients.intranet

The old syntax is typically used only a few places, and can easily be found using the search function in the Development Studio.

4.16.2. iKnowBase Application is deployed to / by default

The iKnowBase application has traditionally been deployed to /ikbViewer. The application has supported context root /, but this is now set as the default context root. See Installation Guide > iKnowBase Web Server

4.17. Upgrade from iKnowBase 5.8 or lower

If you are upgrading from iKnowBase 5.8 or lower, please contact the iKnowBase product team.

5. Closed issues

5.1. Release 8.3

5.1.1. New features

Issue# Description

5.1.2. Improvements

Issue# Description

5.1.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


Missing documentation for Java forms

5.2. Release 8.2

5.2.1. New features

Issue# Description


Make ImageEditingService a documented API

5.2.2. Improvements

Issue# Description


Support Solr 8


Batch emailsender should not be blocked if a recipient fails


Upgrade Spring Boot from 2.4.1 to 2.6.14


Upgrade Gradle from 6.6.1 to 6.9.1


Upgrade Kotlin from 1.4.21 to 1.4.32


Remove special treatment of Internet Explorer 7 to 9


Remove leftover references to Oracle Workflow


Let pagerunner deque timeout be configurable


Upgrade Groovy to 3.0.13


Support salted SHA1 password hashes


Generated export .dmp files does not get an ACL


Add way to abort sending newsletters without content


Validate email addresses upon subscribing to newsletter


ikb$console API endpoints expose all users and groups


Upgrade Oracle JDBC driver to 21.3


Update image editor dependencies


Replace % with _ in file name in Content URLs


Make it possible to configure the TinyMCE-profile


Rename package/configprops from no.acando.iknowbase to com.iknowbase


Rename package/configprops from no.acando.iknowbase to com.iknowbase

5.2.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


IKB-3049: ikb$console header should support PDB or service name for multitenant databases


When a user is deleted form IKBStudio, the reference of this user in the “userconnection” table is not getting deleted.


Set default log dir to "work/logs" rather than literally "${sys:LOG_PATH}"


Log message was not propagated when message type not logged in ikb_error_tab


Inline help in ikb$console is missing


Broken UTF-8 chars in URL upon homeplace URL-mapping


portlet_manage_event.run_event may show wrong event id in error log


LDAP sync can fail during group sync if attribute is set but empty


It’s possible to initialize an already initialized connection


Form validation give NPE on non-declared built-in attributes


In viewer, sorting by an attribute of document link fails


OT_BATCH_PAGEENGINE_MESSAGE has too small buffer


Don’t equal "None" and empty value for SameSite cookie parameter


Document attribute viewer hides decimal digits


In attribute viewer, CLOB-link for description and content does not work


In attribute viewer, parent doc is not listed

5.3. Release 8.1

5.3.1. New features

Issue# Description


Upgrade to Java 11


Support Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database

5.3.2. Improvements

Issue# Description


Upgrade jsoup from 1.11.3 to 1.13.1


Remove Nashorn support due to marked for removal in jdk


Upgrade Kotlin from 1.3.21 to 1.4.21


Upgrade Atmosphere to 2.5.15


Set default socket read timeout for jdbc


Batch queue listeners should not start before application is ready


Upgrade commons-text to 1.9


Upgrade Oracle jdbc driver to


Use jackson as the default json-path provider


Upgrade Java Simon to 4.2.0


Remove support for datasource monitoring using Java Simon wrapped datasource


Support Oracle Database 19c


Make it visible in the user console whether a user has a password


Upgrade to Spring Boot 2.4.1


SwitchUser defaults to POST only from Spring Boot 2.2.6


Upgrade Groovy to 3.0.7


Upgrade to Gradle 6.6.1

5.3.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


NullPointer in console runtime request report


Batch Page Engine must always free temporary clob regardless


ikb$console runtime config fails if spring.application.name is set


Repository check report of overridable forms always list all form runners


Vulnerarbility: CVE-2019-10086


ContentServicesClient.getJdbcOperations() didn’t return connection initialized as the current user


Forms with a required file attribute fails validation

5.4. Release 8.0

5.4.1. New features

Issue# Description


Generic support for OAuth2 (and OpenID Connect)

5.4.2. Improvements

Issue# Description


Remove Jetty server header through standard Spring Boot Configuration


IKB-2844: EHCache: ObjectGraphWalker: The configured limit of 1,000 object references was reached..


Add support for HTTP/2 in iKnowBase Web Server


Use of application.properties for PropertiesLauncher is deprecated


Upgrade Spring Boot from 1.5.x to 2.1.x


Upgrade to log4j2 version 2.11.2


Verify support for Oracle database 18c (


Replace Spring Social authentication with Spring Security 5 due to Spring Social End Of Life


Support custom interceptor before SPNEGO challenge is issued


Consistent order of rows in a result set generated by a classic viewer/searchsource should be guaranteed independent of sort key


Google sign in can no longer use Google Plus


Intermittent socket closed when using LDAP authentication


Support account autoconnect for OAuth2


Update JDBC driver to Oracle 18c


Add support for Spring AOP with AspectJ


Improve performance in dimension navigator by setting certain dimension types to exclude when traversing


For Jackson Kotlin classes support please add "com.fasterxml.jackson.module:jackson-module-kotlin" to the classpath


Remove Jetty send version and powered by


LDAP sync should ignore character encoding error on selected attributes

5.4.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


LDAP sync for users with equal CN results in merged account, person dimension and person card


Prometheus database metrics reports type as help and help as type


CVE-2019-3773: Spring Web Services: XML External Entity Injection (XXE)


CVE-2018-1000873: Jackson: Denial of service when parsing a big JSON number as Instant/ZonedDateTime/OffsetDateTime


Remove commons-email from Activiti dependency tree


SAML - Authentication statement is too old to be used


Failures in filter chain should not display stacktrace to end user


Form validation must allow versioning properties


Classic form "Display/add other attributes" is not allowed to update undeclared attributes already present in document


Form session timeout error message is no longer displayed for unauthenticated users


p_form_back_url with url param key without value blocks form save


Related object with null title fails in Java form


CVE-2018-15756: Denial of Service attack Spring MVC static or Resource handlers


Switch user access check does not pass switch to user to procedure


Switch user state is not reflected in access log

5.5. Release 7.7

5.5.1. New features

Issue# Description


Create supported passthrough-provider for ContentTransformation


Support Java-form in Classic Portlet


Content Query row should support mapping to a bean


Allow specifying XML or BINARY for Solr network communication

5.5.2. Improvements

Issue# Description


Support bcrypt password hashing function


List Manifest information for all accessible manifest files


Make it possible to read sys-password from stdin


Add setup commands "testConnection" and "testSysConnection"


Make the iKnowBase Solr plugin a better docker-citizen


Improve error handling on ikb authentication if user/pass is empty


ikb$console should hide sensitive environment variables


Upgrade to Spring Security SAML 1.0.4


Exception handling in AbstractQueueListener should log with level WARN or ERROR


Support prometheus metrics for database


Add "Purge expired" button to console for queue based services


Support jvm exit and bean restart/shutdown commands for deployment


Make AttributeMapping understand enums


FreeMarker error handling should use rethrow handler instead og HTML_DEBUG or DEBUG


Upgrade to Spring Boot 1.5.16.RELEASE


Deprecate Nashorn support


Create remove()-method on DocumentAttributes


Make changes to targets invalidate relevant java-caches


Update Solrj client to 7.5


Inline editor should support regular user specified links

5.5.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


Escaped HTML is printed in ikbconsole domains


Search source with dynamic url search param does not URLencode query param value as UTF-8


Content Query SqlFunctionBuilder does not work with attribute


Functions console statistics timing is not presented in ms


DimensionQuery problems when specifying root nodes that you have no access to


Error message when creating subsystem


solrj 6.6.2 error while working with solr 7.2.1 version


FormProcessor.save() should update documentReference on form bean, before calling @AfterXXX-methods


CVE-2012-0881: Upgrade Xerces to 2.12.0


CVE-2016-2510: Upgrade bsh to 2.0b6


CVE-2018-8013: Upgrade batik to 1.10

5.6. Release 7.6

5.6.1. New features

Issue# Description


iKnowBase Functions — managed functions execution


Allow java-based layout page in classic

5.6.2. Improvements

Issue# Description


Upgrade Groovy to 2.4.12


Support "hasPermission('executionUser', 'CREATE')"


Metadatagenerator should sort subsystems by name


SAML2 Metadata Generator should output full configuration for use in application.properties


Suppress unnecessary WARN log statements from standard log setup


Add org.jsoup:jsoup to default libraries to enable validation like @SafeHtml


Document usage of property source iknowbase-alias.properties


Repository check displays "last updated" in title, but the meaning is not obvious


Add withPrompt()-shortcuts to all objects that have Prompts.


Add withSubsystem()-shortcuts to all objects that have a subsystem reference


Enable multiple predicates in ContentQueryBuilder.where(…​)


Create DocumentAttributes.get(…​) that returns an Optional<DocumentAttribute>


Remove ChildSession-concept from Tracer


Support a "NoChallenge" authentication entry point for javascript clients


JavaDoc for ContentServicesEngine.createClient should explain that the returned client must be closed


Upgrade Oracle OutsideIn distribution to 8.5.3


Validation issues in java image form (81) in ikb 7.5


Changelog number in AD/OID-sync should be defaulted to 0


ContentQuery: map into java class


SOLR: Value list ID is not populated to SOLR


SOLR: when trying to dequeu a non-existing message (can occur), its not necessary to throw an error


AQ: The combination of l_dequeue_options.deq_condition and sort_list doesn’t work


@AttributeMapping should support field as well as method


ContentServicesEngine should be accessible in Activiti scripts


Default login redirect entry point should support redirect query parameter to facilitate preserving a hash parameter


Login redirect at /private/login/ should support absolute redirect target


Content Server should support not sending content-disposition header


Content Server should support setting default content disposition for each mimetype


Remove documentation from /ressurs/iknowbase/doc. Publish to dev.iknowbase.com only.


Add Jackson serialization/deserialization support for Java 8 date/time types


OID_SYNC.GV_SYNC_GUID should be defined in header instead of body.


Database connection pool connectionTimeout should by default be increased from 3 to 10 seconds


Database connection pool minimumIdle should by default be increased from 1 to 10 connections


Spring Boot’s JmsAutoConfiguration should be disabled to support multiple JMS Connection Factories


Java SDK Portlet registration failures should fail hard and prevent application startup


Add more options for database profiling


Support request-specific extra logging


Ldap sync should always log errors


Remove documents from solr index when the event doesn’t fit anymore


Support versioned documents in WebDAV


Make application.properties.SAMPLE available from documentation


Attribute iKB Resource’s external_key should be set to IKB_RESOURCE


Better handling of ikb_global_prefs


Upgrade to Spring Boot 1.5.9.RELEASE


Remove unprocessed duplicate events from solr queue when a new updated event is generated


Add console page that displays active security configuration


Upgrade to Gradle 4.4


Provide access to HttpServletResponse.urlEncode() from FreeMarker for Java SDK


Disabled batch services should not be loaded at all


iKnowBase configuration report should display actual global prefs name


ContentQuery RowTransformationClient should support renaming the source file before submit to provider


Support default folder config and client side folder validation for the image form


Present edit webdav links for versioned documents


Configuration option to enable WebDAV actions.


Publish documentation per release


Documentation should specify that iKnowBase Content Studio is normally deployed as a separate application and not as dependency


Document installation requirement to create the configured admin ACL if it does not exist


Publish documentation per release


Document installation requirement to create the configured admin ACL if it does not exist

5.6.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


FreeMarker loadURL cannot be used in target ⇒ inline template


Content query fails on binary files without filename


Reflected XSS vulnerability in iKnowBase Classic


Create subsystem without external key results in an error


SolrSearchClient.getRowSet() returns a non-traversing row set, while it should be traversing


X-IKB-AUTH-HEADER with invalid token ends in redirect loop


Error: Setting the has_add_permission is invalid. Doesn’t use the setting from acl.create_subdoc


Reload tasks on EmailReader will start a disabled EmailReader


Users get a error when trying to replace value in single value attribute (ie ikb image)


Default value is ignored for folder in classic image form (81) in 7.5


Description of "Return full document object?" is missing in Help-tab on viewer in ikb 7.5


ORA-14551: cannot perform a DML operation inside a query after upgrade to 7.5


Template viewers with cache key and onload render does not render (ikb 7.5)


UpgradeAll for tinymce_profiles fails with ORA-01489: result of string concatenation is too long


IKNOWBASE.BAT (windows) does not support plugin loader path


An error has occurred when reading existing sub-variable "contentLink" after upgrade to 7.5


Error in the documentation regarding Solr setup


Document service storage of HTML-encoded varchar2 document attribute value is decoded before storage.


ikb_instant.publish fails if username exceeds 30 characters


search_engine_name is not updated when documents in solr_changelog is updated


Cache navigation in ikb$console does not work with elementKeys containing / and back to parent directory


Error page vulnerable to reflective XSS


Documents with text content show both file and content attributes in form after upgrade to 7.x


Stored XSS vulnerability in ikb$console


CSS error on standard error page


Error saving form defaults when form is configured with a dimension attribute with a subset of data


The loadXML FM Macro fails (doesn’t return expected data) occasionally without any trace in the error logs


Documentation points to non existing yui3-grids-min.css


LDAP authentication configuration error responds with illegal statusline if HTTP Basic is used


An error has occurred when reading existing sub-variable "contentLink" after upgrade to 7.5


Error message in view properties in document archive when document is versioned


View PDF and View HTML missing since 7.4


Search in image archive for image prefix does not work


Migration fails with DocumentService$MissingInputException: ORA-20108: Unable to get the subsystem type. No input is given


iKB Resource has no external key. Should be set during database migration.


Chapter numbering is broken - should start on 1


Levels in navbar is missing css for levels > 3


Warning in Firefox when toggling editMode


Installation fails if query for YesNo valuelist returns more than one row


Support english language in UI

5.7. Release 7.5

5.7.1. New features

Issue# Description


Enable default mapping of jar-file resources to /


Audit logging: Log all changes to a document


Support recovery of deleted documents


Add SolrSearchClient-api for easy streaming of json-content


Manage subsystems through the ServiceAPI


Add trash bin functionality

5.7.2. Improvements

Issue# Description


Upgrade to Spring Boot 1.5


Improve management of triggers


Implement fault-tolerance in EMailReader


Patchset: "Build dataset" should not submit edit-tab


Triggers should be stored as files and installed during upgradeAll


Support environment specific iknowbase-alias.properties with configuration overrides


Configurable default acl for images


Upgrade to Gradle 3.4.1


Replace Spring defaultHandler with dynamic mapping for classic page and target


Support resolution of default welcome file /index.html in static resource directories


Content Studio: Document archive should support dimension url parameter


Suppress confusing warnings with fallback MessageInterpolatorFactory (HV000184)


Upgrade to Spring Boot 1.5.3


FreeMarker Form Macro API: Improve logic for filtering metadata (POOR performance at NSF)


Turn tinymce-profiles into generic html widgets


Upgrade JDBC driver from ojdbc7 to ojdbc8


EmailReader should support configurable setting to only fetch unprocessed emails for IMAP


EmailReader should support marking unreadable messages to avoid reprocessing


EmailReader should keep import/create and update timestamps in import tables


EmailSender should warn on invalid recipient, but otherwise continue with sending to the valid recipients


Update of document.metadata_text for Oracle Text search should be optional for improved performance


Upgrade to Gradle 3.5


Automatically select dimension and show documents when the document archive is opened, if dimension URL parameter given


/ps/definitions should list only latest version by default


/ps/definitions should be sortable by date (if that exists!)


/ps/instances "sort by id" should be numeric


Radio buttons should have clickable labels (e.g /ps/definitions)


Most lists should be default sorted on date, newest first (e.g. /ps/tasks )


Tables with actions should have a clickable link on table itself (e.g. /ps/tasks)


HTML title tag should reflect page, e.g. "tasks" or "instances"


In process instance list, duration should display in readable format

5.7.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


IKB-3499: Dynamic load of Java-based form doesn’t work in IE


An instance with batch-module enabled and viewer-module disabled uses wrong executor / task scheduler


X-IKB-AUTH-TOKEN should be allowed even if user has already been authenticated


Spring Social Live update due to changed OAuth URL by Microsoft


SAML2 entityId should follow URI requirement and URL recommendation


EmailReader only reads 1000 first emails in folder


EmailReader IMAPS can’t connect to server


Gradle UploadTask’s renameSearchExpression adds an additional CRLF


ikb_service_api.save_document_attribute doesn’t make new versions


XSS vulnerability through specially crafted links


XSS vulnerability through specially crafted links


saveUser fails if documentGuid and/or dimensionGuid is set

5.8. Release 7.4

5.8.1. New features

Issue# Description


Add support for Spring Data REST using custom repository implementations


Support java-functions in ContentQuery


Create a PortletRunner to run portlets on-demand


Spring Data REST Infrastructure

5.8.2. Improvements

Issue# Description


The loadURL FreeMarker macro should handle longer feeds


Solr Events: If the exception list has many entries, it takes unreasonable long time to display the page /event/solrbatch


Upgrade from Spring Boot 1.3.8 to 1.4.2


Upgrade from Log4j1 to Log4j2


Content Query getItem with documentOperation FULL should retrieve external keys


Attribute IKB$PARENT_DOCUMENT should be fetched as Object Reference.




Support choosing more images for attributte with datatype "Link to images"


Form generator for java: Callback for beforeInsert should use actual document type


Form generator for java: Add bean validation NotNull to required attributes


Classic Form: dimensional attributes with style e.g SELECT without subset - select to show all / none of the dimensions


Group Admin is slow if the group has a lot of members


ikb_ctx_adm.create_ctx_prefs: Should be possible to define tablespace name


Improved error message when creating a user (username is mandatory)


Login token should be supported as HTTP Header


EofException caused by connection reset by peer should not be logged on error


Solr Search Client Provider should be available for Java SDK Portlet


Reduce log level for token based authentication


Login token should be supported for all HTTP methods


Targets: Should be possible to delete parameters without value


Upgrade from Spring Boot 1.4.2 to 1.4.4


mv_log_documents materialized view på enterprise edition bør bruke 11g sin støtte for fast refresh.


Hide application property "bearer_tokens" from console views (ref prometheus configuration)


Allow multiple deploy tokens


Remove old SmartResourceManager infrastructure in favor of spring boot-supplied solution.


Need a way to do "where document_guid = xxx" in ContentQuery


ContentServer should produce Last-Modified header, and honor If-Updated-Since CLOSED 1


Provide access to HttpServletResponse.urlEncode() from FreeMarker


ContentServer should produce "public" cache control for public documents

5.8.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


Object type returned from content query row should be the same for retrieval by expression and by String


File attribute in form gives error when choosing many files


EmailReader should accept file attachments with " in filename.


EmailReader nullpointer


Order condition in presstyle: Cannot use attribute in function if already selected as order by attribute


Form generator for java: Wrong variable name for attribute used in callback


iKnowBase JavaSDK Portlets used for testing should not be included in distribution


Installation properties should have higher precedence than defaultProperties


Inline functions in PL/SQL {} doesn’t return any values if the function returns NULL


Increase l_order in ikb_content_viewer - 3000 is not enough if you have many order conditions


ikb_portal_api.get_values should be defaulted to return all values with an option to retrieve only the unique values


Improved performance running upgradeAll


Poor performance when accessing the list of ACLs


In FORMS - replace_check and replace_radio cannot replace with <label for⇒


Checkboxes and radio buttons should be named with as before if only one value exists for an attribute


Forced utf-8 encoding on response traffic without explicit encoding may conflict with static resources with norwegian characters


Backport support for confirm<form> in forms. Very often used by ajax-submits


Consider changes of default behavior of SELECT, RADIO and CHECK items in FORMS


UpgradeAll to 7.0 contains error when restructuring content in document


Tilgang til dokumentattributter i presentasjonsstil med bruk av ekstern kilde


/consule/user: Permission overview doesn’t group the result correctly


Combined External datasource doesn’t extract attributes for more than one instance of the document


Language - Not all of the prompts were displayed in console/advanced/language/metadata


Invalid comment in javascript generated by ikb_ce_custom_editor_portlet


Data from the tables IKB_PORTLET_SEARCH_DIALOG_DET and PK_IKB_PORTLET_ACTION_LIST are not exported


FreeMarker ${context.commonScripts} should honor use expanded resourecs from dev mode


Page component runner should honor use expanded resourecs from dev mode


Spring Security infrastructure should send application events


/ikb$console/development/database/report_database/parameter må bruke gv$ og ikke v$ når det er RAC cluster.


Non-WebDAV link from Office intercepted by WebDAV filter


CloudConvert fails if compile jackson-dataformat-xml is present on classpath


ContentQueryRow: getValue(String) and getValue(Expression) should return same value

5.9. Release 7.3

5.9.1. New features

Issue# Description


When copying a group - let the user decide if acl membership also should be copied


Support WebDAV @ResourceController extensions


Simplify continuous deployment for plugin development


Support for iKnowBase Classic Portlet implementations using Java SDK

5.9.2. Improvements

Issue# Description


Installation properties: Enabled edit of property name in administration gui


Move Content Studio to an external plugin project


Increase document.url from 300 to 4000 to allow long urls


Support running sqlplus as SYS from the iknowbase installation program (quickstart)


ikb_imageedit: timeout bør være konfigurerbar


Add support for line shift etc in description field of patchsets


Add the command "dbscriptAsSys" to the setup program


Add BitKinex and GoodReader User-Agents to default WebDAV filter


WebDAV requests should not be sensitive to trailing /


Avoid updating document.xml_data more than once in schema.sql for 7.0


Support optional connection tweaks for Setup connection in case of long running commands


Service API should not log unauthenticated user as ERROR


Service API: Support create object with specified GUID


Content Query: Support regexp_like for String fields


ContentQuery: Add support for up and down traversal


Align Document and DocumentModel objects


Upgrade from Spring Boot 1.3.5 to 1.3.7


Upgrade from Jetty 9.3.9.v20160517 to 9.3.11.v20160721


Upgrade from Spring Session 1.2.0 to 1.2.2


LDAP profiles should support wallets


Guid of valuelist values should be visible in Metadata manager


Upgrade from Spring Boot 1.3.7 to 1.3.8


Usersync: Be able to configure external_key on DOCUMENT and DIMENSIONS


IKB$console → Database → Report → iKnowBase → Time consuming report doesn’t report java based queries


Upgrade from Jetty 9.3.11.v20160721 to 9.3.12.v20160915


Patchset: Add link to selected object


Content Query should contain trace information about the caller


Enable detailed logging for Batch EmailSender

5.9.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


Setup: SLF4J: Failed to load class "org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder".


Content Query getItem should return Optional empty if the item has not been selected


Development mode toolbars, statusbars and components broken since 7.1


Edit with WebDAV on create from template does not start automatically in IE


Error messages in ikb_error_tab when adding target in Development tools


Form with optional format: Selecting format as text will hide the text input field if initially stored without text


Forms: Should show selected dimensions in select box even if they are not selectable anymore


HTML-output from iknowbase.sh should not refer to script requiring internet access (e.g log from upgradeAll)


IKB$console → Report → iKnowBase → Errors gives errors when viewing aggregated result


ikb$console→Parameters: Set default condition when creating iKnowBase parameters


ikbFile print url even if it does not have file


iknowbase.request.log is missing from runtime → logging → targets


Improve performance in LDAP Sync - group mappings should use a POPUP instead of a list


LDAP-sync from AD to IKB. Changes in OID_SYNC.retrieve_user_information


Not possible to clear cache of ikbBatch PageEngine


ORA-12899: value too large for column "IKB"."T72_CALL_IKB_POPUP_ERROR"."ERRORMSG" (actual: 306, maximum: 300)


Performance - v_acl_readable and v_acl_protected are slow when #members are high


Precheck of patchset does not report on missing component


Presentation style: Link with text source "from the label" where label is blank print value of "link to"-attribute


Presentation style: When using "revert from template" styleset-setting is lost


Remote precheck commits data to 'base'-tables after precheck


Remove the column ATTRIBUTE.UPDATEABLE - Its no longer in use


Service API get_document logs UNKNOWN USER in error_tab if document cannot be found


Should be able to search for free text input in forms customization


Subsystem filter in user administration (user, group, acl) does not support and should not display subsystem filter


Support multiple values as input to viewer attributes like Related documents, document ID and parent ID


Support use of text elements defined on the template for a template viewer


Tinyprofiles in forms should honor attribute definition order and individual width


war plugin with starter-singleproject cannot resolve BootEmbeddedApplication


WebLogic authentication plugin broken on WebLogic 12.2.1


Support use of text elements defined on the template for a presentation style


CICO icon missing if checked out by other user


Saving a form with a XML-attribute without content will result in ORA-31011


Java Form Macro: Attribute label does not support proper language resolution


Import: ikb_preference_store.value is not updated if the value has been remapped


Java Form Macro: Reference labels should support proper language resolution

5.10. Release 7.2

5.10.1. New features

Issue# Description


Upgrade Activiti to version 5.19


Support for persisted and replicated sessions in the quickstart webServer


IKB-824 JavaScript API: Delete document


Document Service API: Support IKB$PARENT_DOCUMENT_ID in service_api (save document attribute)


Allow sort on CLOB-columns


Stored PL/SQL Function in Presentation style should allow return types like NUMBER and DATE

5.10.2. Improvements

Issue# Description


Utilize result caching in database 11g


Homeplace: Add mechanism to find homeplace usage for a document


Support on-the-fly compression of text content in iKnowBase Web Server to reduce transport


The old javascript /ressurs/evita/iKBDesktop/javascript/iknowbase-common-full.js should be removed


Implement on-demand generation of image variants


WebDAV lock infrastructure must be persisted to database


Support case sensitiv search in ikbStudio


iKnowBase Web Server request log should use NCSA Combined Log Format


Add text to first <option> tag in value-list generated dropdown


Run iKnowBase on top of Spring Boot


Reload component after delete document rather than refresh entire page


Content Studio: Reuse deleteDocument function from ContentStudio


WebDAV lock infrastructure must be extensible from Java


WebDAV lock timeout should be configurable


Automatically fix normalized GUID-values in DOCUMENT and DOCUMENT_ATTRIBUTE


iKnowBase Console: Automatically trim search string


Cluster support for WebDAV


Refactoring of iknowbase-common-full.js


Error when replacing :PARENT_ID in form template code


No need to print the error message when a target is without a page reference


SAML authentication failure due to configuration error should log cause to error log


Create FreeMarker-variable "viewer.logic.hasContainer" to show if a contentViewer has ajax-ready container


Document Service API: Declare explicit SerialVersionUIDs in Serializable classes


Remove default value for valid from/valid to




Should show "name" of attributes in picklists in ikbStudio instead of label.




ImageEditor should support CMYK-encoded jpeg images


ImageEditor should support PSD images


Remove embedded /index.html


LOG_DOCUMENTS: Support both aggregated and simple log (one row per user per document, with or without counter)


Content Server should support option for specifying configuration file for file converter


File Converter should support custom configuration file


Performance improvements in Content Viewer


ContentQuery: Implement contentLinkBuilder for a ContentQueryRow


Support UTF-7 charset


Plugin samples: Move outside com.iknowbase package and demonstrate component scan


Plugin setup: Add sample project for both single and multiproject builds


Support fingerprinted URLs for static resources for improved browser caching


During an upgrade the iikb_format.name should not be updated if it already exists


URL generated by the viewer should always be cacheable


Remove support for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search


Authentication providers should support restriction configuration


Log file should by default be rotated daily


Change to iKnowBase specific session cookie name by default


Process Studio: Support composite form keys


Document Service API: Should not be dependent on an initialized db connection


Delay iKnowBase Web Server shutdown handler until just before port bind to minimize downtime


Stopped by DB lock when importing patchset


UpgradeAll should start a gather_schema_stat-job


Improved transaction handling

5.10.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


Picklist: Preselected values are removed after a new document is created


Popups from edit-link does not open in center of screen anymore


Last change date of attributes should not be updated when saving solr configuration


WebDAV form based login static resources should not be protected


WebDAV default User Agent expression should include "ms-office" and "MSOffice"


Improve performance on queries against ikb_error_tab


Document Service API: All operations should have a default value


auth-ie7andie8.css refers to missing resource ../icon/saml16.png


Desupport of Oracle Database 10G


Document Service API: Parent document attribute instantiated with the parent document’s external key is not saved by saveDocumentAttributes


Poor performance in ikb$console when searching for a target


Cannot delete viewer


Norwegian characters in solrconfig.xml → Solr fails to start


The "iKnowBase Data" transport set is configured with wrong actions


Documentation: Update the Content Studio chapter in the Development Guide (not updated after CS was implemented as a plugin)


Remove JS-function call_ikb_popup


Process Studio: Render variable updates of type "serializable" as XML for a process instance


Form: Numeric or value error in ikb_ce_custom_editor_portlet, line 4523


Ikoner i meny mangler (src-url "http" i stedet for "https")


Create new documents with a parent you don’t have read access to fails


The printout of context variables exceeds it limits


Document toString fails if documentIdentity is null


DataHandler / DataSource returned from the Document Service API should have filename in getName(), instead of blank


Content Studio: In the image picklist, the add image button and edit image action are not available for users without Content Studio access


Form: User without creatable privilege to a form doesn’t have access to edit a document in that form


ikb$console: Save form defaults fails if the attribute acl doesn’t have a default value


Form: Save fails if a form contains a related object which the user doesn’t have access to


Last updated date is set on the form I’m copying


ikb_portlet_prefs.create_cacheable_ulr is ignored when returning a BLOB-attribute


Trouble with uploading jpeg images with color profile CMYK


Valuelist value descripion no longer exposed in ikb$console > metadata management > valuelist


IKB$console → Runtime → Monitor doesn’t show detailed timed statistics for components within a page


Forms: Wrong CLOB-attribute is updated from html-based form when order of attributes in attribute-tab does not match in order in html


ContentServer accept= does not change filename used by browser


Order-BY condition on TITLE disappear during upgrade to 6.7 (or higher)


ikb$console: ikbStudio.css contains reference to knett.evita.no for the iKnowBase logo


Export does not update setting on traverse-tab in search source


LDAP authentication should only retrieve required attributes


Cannot log in with form authentication if domain is configured without public user


/ikb$console/runtime/monitor/pageRunner is broken


Process Studio: View process instance diagram causes java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment


Import of iKnowBase transportset iKnowBase_Data.dmp should not create domain


Document Service API: No validation in Service_api on LANGAGE_REFERENCE


Dimensions - It should not be possible to move a dimension to its own child dimension


Last changed date on page is not updated when editing a template in a template viewer


Document Service API: ikb_service_api.save_document and save_document_attributes should not require a logged on user


<IKB:SAVE_FUNCTION> missing in documentation


Search source - Select dynamic attributes gives ORA-06502


Support pagination in User Administration → Users → Acl Membership


Inline templates didn’t handle template labels (issue if the template was detached)

5.11. Release 7.1

5.11.1. New features

Issue# Description


Support [@include] of FreeMarker templates


Order values in valuelist

5.11.2. Improvements

Issue# Description


[HD-22532] Additional configuration options for delete dialog


ikbStudio - Error handling - comments


Change default option when deleting subdocuments


ikbStudio - Batchjob - copy


Support custom javascript validation function in search source


Support callback in delete dialog


Add search-feature to standard page for expired documents (/cs/tools/expired)


Image picklist: Owner of an image should be able to edit it from the picklist, even when the image doesn’t have an acl


Use of BETWEEN where parameter is greater and smaller than a value


Search sources and Forms: when dimension attribute is style "select" all dimensions should be selectable by default


Make "delete"-function use Notification to confirm, rather than modal popup


New default for edit and delete icons in templates


Make save function available as tag in html insert/update


Security: Support CSS override configuration for login form


Installation properties: Trim tab from input


Remove xnet application and metadata from distribution


Content Studio: Add "show as html" and "show as txt"


ikbStudio: Schedules - Run Once


Change include directives in solrconfig.xml to support SOLR_HOME outside Solr distrubution


Trim blank characters in quickstart-property files


Support sorting of value lists in forms


Implement responsive design for the logon page


Make jQuery-version user selectable


Upgrade to Spring Security 4


Search code labels should be editable


Replace the multiselect with a popup in Export → Excluded subsystems


Performance issue with /cs/statistics


Content Studio: Do not exclude/include documents based on document types on the /cs/publish and /cs/tools/expires pages


Log error message if Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) is not installed when loading dependant modules


Content Studio: The image form doesn’t save the form guid


Image variants should have subsystem


Need of a SQL_HINT for the outer part of a query (viewer/search)


FreeMarker ParametersModel should implement ScalarModel (String), for simple debug output


Disable homeplace


Should be able to perform remote precheck of patchset between errata-versions


Form Macro API: Options in selectlists should have tooltips


Convert shared templates used by a single component to inline


Content Studio: Use relative references to static resources in contentstudio.css


Support for multiple SAML2 service providers on same instance


Process Studio: Improvements implemented at SKOP


Fix reported issues from healthcheck (TOAD)


From ikbConsole, make it possible to search for a template guid used within a page


Popups: Search and select using keyboard only


IKB Service API: Add child operation to the delete document function


A SearchViewer should not render an error message when no search source is specified


OID_SYNC: Paging filter & character set conversion feilmelding


Remove support for security configuration "autoform"


Administration console should be reachable on WebDAV hostnames


Upgrade gradle in development toolkit for Java from 2.3 to 2.9


Dependency on iknowbase-webapp should not include javax.servlet-api directly


Service API: Support delete document version

5.11.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


Content Studio: Advanced search dialog - some info are places outside of 'frame'


Picklist/explorer and root dimension


Forms: Displaying clobs (>4000 chars) causes ORA-06502 in procedure IKB_CE_CUSTOM_EDITOR_PORTLET.REPLACE_DISPLAY


It is not possible to use a script target as target for text in a search source configuration


Target: Wrong a-tag on title generated when popup and overwrite homeplace


Forms: buttons should be disabled on click (not after validation).


image archive: arbitrary file upload


Valid valuelist values in filter of search source does not reflect the sort order


Menu items without URL_TYPE are not possible to maintain


Milton Security Advisory


Process Studio does not support deployment to a non default context root for iKnowBase web app


Set/unset bookmark can create invalid redirect urls


Filter values on dimension (mappe/DIMENSION_ID) doesn’t filter on the input values


CVE-2015-5211 RFD Attack in Spring Framework


ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: hex to raw conversion error in ikb_show_content


Unable to select ACLs for Export


Java-based image form doesn’t save form_guid


Return an error message if editing a document with a form → target → without a page


Development Studio dimension navigator: save and close does not work properly


Deadlock detected when indexing document to SOLR


Security risk when building call_ikb_popup_dynamic


Error template should be named "error" (lowercase)


ContentViewer should handle titles of full length


External datasource: dates does not behave as dates.


Content Studio: The save button in the image form should be disabled when form is submitted


Content Studio: Do not show input fields which are extracted from image metadata in insert mode of the image form


The queue name in dbms_aq.enqueue in ikb-packages should be prefixed with user name


Events is not executed for subdocuments when deleting the master


WebDAV should not require hostnames config when relying completely on user agent detection


ikbStudio: User directory → edit User → The "Copy" button has disappeared.


Form: Automatic update of HTML template for a form fails if a new attribute is added


A Save from Form check in the document automatically


ikbStudio is very slow if we have a lot of data of an instance


Not possible to read help column if template-editor is wider than default


Removed functions and procedures


Events - Delete event is executed before the delete-statement, should be possible to execute it after too


Content Studio: Don’t allow save of news article without title


Conditional loading of modules with default=true cannot be disabled


RequestEntryFilter logs metrics as RequestLogFilter


Avoid using ikb_api in projects


The JSON renderer doesn’t produce valid json, it escapes string using EcmaScript rather than Json string rules


Solr event: Incomplete text on popup when resending items from exception queue.


ikbUrl returns blank even if document has link


Social login using Facebook is broken - JsonParseException


WebLogic with container mode authentication does not redirect after /private/login/ authentication

5.12. Release 7.0.4

5.12.1. New features

No new features.

5.12.2. Improvements

Issue# Description


Support for multiple SAML2 service providers on same instance

5.12.3. Bugfixes

No bugfixes.

5.13. Release 7.0.3

5.13.1. New features

No new features.

5.13.2. Improvements

No improvements.

5.13.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


Content Studio: Do not exclude/include documents based on document types on the /cs/publish and /cs/tools/expires pages


Content Studio: The image form doesn’t save the form guid


Deadlock detected when indexing document to SOLR


Security risk when building call_ikb_popup_dynamic


Content Studio: The save button in the image form should be disabled when form is submitted


The queue name in dbms_aq.enqueue in ikb-packages should be prefixed with user name


Should be able to perform remote precheck of patchset between errata-versions


A Save from Form check in the document automatically

5.14. Release 7.0.2

5.14.1. New features

No new features.

5.14.2. Improvements

No improvements.

5.14.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


Set/unset bookmark can create invalid redirect urls


CVE-2015-5211 RFD Attack in Spring Framework: Upgrade Spring Framework from 4.2.0 to 4.2.2

5.15. Release 7.0.1

5.15.1. New features

No new features.

5.15.2. Improvements

No improvements.

5.15.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


Milton Security Advisory: XML parser


Menu items without URL_TYPE is not visible in ikb$console component for menues

5.16. Release 7.0

5.16.1. New features

Issue# Description


Support for error procedure in ldap user synchronization


Sync support for OpenDJ


Java-API for running a DimensionQuery


Java-API for running a ContentQuery


Service that generates java-class containing all metadata-definitions in a repository.


Java-API for generating QuickLinks


Chained templates in iKnowBase classic


Support Nashorn (javascript) scripts for templates


Support form-based authentication with WebDAV


Support Spring Forms for editing iKnowBase documents


Create screencast to demonstrate DevelopmentToolkit setup


Remove support to create new pres.styles of type FORM and TABULAR


Add support for editing XML-content using iKnowBase Form


Create SolrServer-objects from java plugin

5.16.2. Improvements

Issue# Description


Make it possible to refer to forms directly from viewer, not only quicklink (a form is also a quicklink)


Missing userinfo in WebDav locks list


Docx4j: Security alert CVE-2012-0213 - poi-scratchpad


Image variants - handle delete of an existing


Implement Content Studio as a plugin


Installation properties: Instance qualifier should default to *


Document iKnowBase Global Prefs


Documentation: ikb_mailsender package for sending emails


Simplify ikb_mailsender API


Forms: Dato og tid uten Ext kalender på dato attributter


OID_SYNC should return an error_code when running a single dn with failure


Link to RSS Feed in ikbStudio is misleading


Disable atmosphere classpath scanning in Instant for quicker startup


WebDAV server should be able to co-exist with Viewer on / on the same hostname


Performance in Forms with large select lists


Func_Save_Document in Form should validate session and timestamp before other tests


Security: LDAP authentication option userDnPatterns should be converted to userSearchBases


Remove iKnowBase add-in for Microsoft Office


Instant: Upgrade atmosphere to runtime 2.3.4 with javascript 2.2.12


Service API: Populate object reference label when a metadata object is retreved using the service api


User CloudSolrServer for searching in SolrCloud


Allow more characters in External Datasources (tables and where-condition).


Remove Oracle BPEL-specific components


WebDAV browser integration change from NPAPI plugin to protocol extension


Instant - Add blockers to default broadcasters


IKB_SERVICE_API: IKB$FILE - all files should be saved in binary_indexed


Service API: Expose objectGuid for document attribute value in Java- and WS-API


WebDav script should be exposed for administration in /ikb$console/development/advanced/mimetypes


Query conditions in Viewer : Allow search for NULL / NOT NULL for document fields


Add SVG images to list of registered mime types


Change SOLR.xml files to run 5.x of SOLR


ikb_common_objects.get_prompt should return something else then Undefined if a label exist in another language


Upgrade Solrj client library to v5.x


Batch Email Sender should be default for sending emails on new installations


Batch Image Editor should be default for image conversions on new installations


Removed functions and procedures in 7.0


Security: Social module should be enabled if SAML module is enabled


In the ServiceAPI, create shortcuts for settings references on the Document object


Display a link to the selected image for image attributes (in forms)


Search dimension triggered by ENTER in ikb$console, image- and document archive


Support Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) browser


IKB_ERROR_TAB : Log page_component_guid is available


FreeMarker API: Extend HTML-escaping to fully support all HTML4-entities


Lightweight Oracle Text Index


Documentation: WebLogic: Http basic auth does not work with iKnowBase in Spring Security non-container mode


org.eclipse.jetty.io.EofException should not be logged as ERROR


Use Oracle Text index on Title


Navigate to parent and child dimensions from the dimension edit panel without reloading the dimension tree

5.16.3. Bugfixes

Issue# Description


Fields in service-api documentation is not sorted


Test Case ID IKB-1746 :: Version : 1 /SYSTEST/Interaction/Target/ListenerUrl - Unexpected URL format


Documentation: Documentation of types is missing in the iKnowBase PL/SQL API documentation


Wrong link on external datasource parameters in viewer


Security: Activation token available for social connection even if activation configuration is disabled


Edit with webdav links missing after upgrade from 6.5 to 6.6


TaskWizard fails on "cancel"


Fix "reference" values returned for reference objects from content viewer


Documentation for WebDav in dev guide contains removed functionality


Implement automatic cache-refresh on save from Development Studio


WebDAV: LOCK on existing locked resource held by different user may result in 409 Conflict


Form based login with rememberMe does not honor configuration option rememberMeTokenValiditySeconds


WebDAV lock refresh locks with username=token instead of username.


Microsoft Account/Live authentication broken


The acl popup selector is not visible in forms


Instant: Blocks chrome browser for 5 minutes during navigation


DocumentAttribute and DocumentAttributeValue constructors must handle null-values


IKB_GLOBAL_PREFS overwritten during upgrade from 6.6 to 6.7


Presentation style: Link elements and "Text Source" doesn’t work as before


When editing attributes of type F, datatype is cleared from ATTRIBUTE.DATATYPE


Sortering på lagret funksjon i presentasjonsmal


WebDAV logs NotAuthorizedException when authenticated and resource was not found


Presentation style: Unable to add external attributes as order columns if the attribute is used as a select column


Single instance LDAP-sync on a group can remove members


Upgrade spring-social-facebook to v2.0.0


ikbStudio - User list - showing <current user> in created by/last changed by when db field actually is null


ikb_ce_custom_editor_portlet.rebuild_runtime_params - numeric or value error: character string buffer too small


Content Studio: Picklist doesn’t reset dimension start point upon reopen


Export: Precheck against a remote schema doesn’t work


IKB_AUTH_TOKEN.TOKEN_TYPE should be 10 byte long


Redirect after activation link does not honor redirect url param


Quickstart JAVA_OPTIONS=-Dlog4j.properties=log4j-trace.properties is not honored


SAML authentication button has prefix "Log in using ". Should be removed.


Order by clause on a database function return errors


NullPointer in Process Studio if group is member of ACL PS_PAGE_ACCESS


Save from "search sources→style" in ikbConsole return errors


Forms: Validation of mandatory text content fails with Javascript error


Unable to copy or edit document type in 6.7


Image Scaling event did not create missing image variants for images


Instant - Duplicate messages received and private messages broadcasted to all


Precheck function in Export causes deadlocks when retrieving valid database links


Import of data from IKB_USER and DOCUMENT can result in FK-error


Cannot use target type script as target after insert in form


Document.Content_type and ikb_format.content_type should be removed


Metadata Management > Dimension: Dimension search field loses focus when search is performed


iknowbase.request.log is missing info about user


Security: CVE-2014-0107 regarding SAML module and xalan library


Instant user may sometimes fail to leave topic


Last changed date should be updated when disabling/enabling component on a page


SolrClient.getRowSet() fails with NullPointerException when first document in SolrResponse is a non-iknowbase document


IKB_CONTENT_VIEWER - l_edit_onclick sprekker på lengde


Get_document_ident doen’t throw error if document_id or document_guid is invalid


ORA-00600 errors might occur when compiling PL/SQL with native compiler


Cannot edit personal acl from form


TinyMCE 4 plugin: Insert from picklists gives a javascript error in IE


Security issue in HTML portlets


When the parent of a dimension is changed, the dmension tree is not updated correctly


ORA-32036: unsupported case for inlining of query name in WITH clause occurs in content viewer


Copying forms must not copy created_date and created_by


FreeMarker Model: ?has_content should return false for a property which doesn’t have a value (ie non-existent document attribute)


Search source traversal with connect by clause and tabular presentation style fails

5.17. Release 6.7

Issue# Description


ACLadmin - change of owner_id


API: The param child operation is missing from ws and java api for save valuelist


Use of labels should be consistent througout Content Studio


ServiceAPI.SaveAttribute does not honor the use of externalkey in valuelist reference


Image Archive: It should be possible to ctrl+click to select multiple objects.


Patch set: should be set using regular save-button in component


Enable keyboard navigation in Ext based picklists in ikbStudio


Dev toolkit: Add iKnowBase doc and source for use in IDE


Need default_language concept to avoid hardcoded (and incorrect!) language


Instant: SecureTokenEngine$TokenExpiredException: Token time-to-live has expired


Instant: onError callback in js api is not called when the server throws an error


Instant: Explicit unsubscribe may result in a hanging close-call from browser


Webdav: Support for Chrome on Mac


Content Studio: Removed valid filter values for the information type search criterion


If the thumbnail variant is not configured for use in editors, the thumbnail doesn’t show in step 2 of the image picklist wizard


Create single set of custom database error codes, for easier use on client


Merge all applications to a single web-app, with configuration options to enable/disable


Examine and possibly remove external flag


Content Studio: Update new image size in the lower right corner upon crop image (image edit)


Make WebDAV vhost-capable


Close dimension popup without prompt (when opened from Activiti Form in IE)


Authentication form: remember me out of place if no social modules are available


Sort in picklist (related objects) removes documents


ikbStudio: Attribute labels used in popups not html encoded


Content Studio: Image variant labels not encoded in image picklist step 2 (editor)


"Service API: Save operation ""REPLACE"" is not exposed in saveOperationEnumeration"


Add info on servlet and filter registrations to ikb$console/java/webapp.


configureUser.sql should not create ikb_global_prefs, since it runs as sys


Service API: save_valuelist should throw an exception if a new value’s external key violates the unique constraint


Service API: If a valuelist’s subsystem is referenced by external key, it is not saved by save_valuelist


IKB_SOLR.validate_event_changelog return error if removing from changelog


Image/link references not logged in Document_usage


Increase size of instance qualifier in installation properties


Document all things related to single webapp-concept


"Add outside-in ""XML export"" support to iknowbase-fileconverter"


Spring Security: Support for ADFS single sign on (SAML)


Clean up the way spring beans are instantiated


EXPORT: Details data is exported even if the master should be excluded by subsystem constraints


EXPORT: It should be possible to export documents referred in HTML (set by tinyMCE)


Installation property priority is broken


EXPORT/IMPORT: Need for a more fine grained control when importing data


Upgrade WebDAV Milton library from to


Upgrade Instant atmosphere core from 2.1.4 to 2.2.3 and js from 2.1.6 to 2.2.5


Instant: ikb$console - Add broadcastercache statistics to topic details report


WebDAV: Cannot call getOutputStream() after getWriter() [WebLogic]


Migrate ikbStudio away from wicket, for easier maintainability


"Change priority of properties from installation_properties table to be ""last"" rather than ""first"""


Dimensions not available for tagging are available


Trenger samme user i Java og PL/SQL


Upgrade activiti to version 5.16.4


Add Document.setContent-methods that do not require a DataHandler


Security: Support for Microsoft account / Windows Live social login


Quickstart: Support specifying SSL certificate alias


Minify the Ext JS 4 which is distributed with iKnowBase


Security: Simplify security configuration through rule based authentication router


Incorrect sort of add attributes in search form


Logging: Add trace logging option for http request and response headers


Logging: Request log filter should also include security area


Move /ikbBatch administration console to ikb$console


Security: Add support for a HTTP Header forced authentication mechanism directive


Numeric fields in Forms should support negative numbers


"Remove field ""Length"" from attribute"


Restructure iKnowBase administration console


Security: Manual login at /ikb$login is broken


Improve presentation of unhandled exceptions


SmartResourceManager should include all files referenced by Resources-model


Security: Internal errors during security filters should not display full stacktrace to client


Security: LDAP UsernamePassword authentication provider configuration index requirement for userDnPattern was not documented


Security: LDAP authentication broken with NullPointerException at UserContextFactory.java:79


"Endre fra ""menues"" til ""menus"" i Development Studio menus"


Content Studio: Implement filter for dimension navigator


Publish artifacts to artifactory maven repository


Documentation: ImageEditor batch service


Documentation: PageEngine batch service


Documentation: Solr Search Server in Installation Guide


Documentation: EmailSender batch service


Using quickstart, enable loading jar files into the web application without rebuilding war


Development mode: The toolbar should not be placed on top of (ie hide) other elements


Security: Social signup URL configuration is not honored


ikb_content_validator.validate_and_log return errors


Add the condition ISNULL/ISNOTNULL to the Parent-attribute


Security: LDAP authentication with multiple user bases fails if not found in first userBase


Edit with WebDAV links missing after upgrade from 6.5 to 6.6


Change RequestModel File-methods to expose servlet-api mechanism instead of spring-mechanism


FreeMarker should expose title of linked documents (document_link, picture_link)


Simplify iKnowBase plugin build logic


Should also search on viewer.displayTitle and ikb_format.* when searching in ikbStudio


QuickLink entity should have externalKey


Fatax kan ikke inneholde ulisensiert versjon av cloudzoom


Allow external_key to be maintained from Form


Change index on ikb_users.user_name to UPPER(user_name)


Instant: Upgrade atmosphere to runtime 2.2.4 with javascript 2.2.7 (with patches)


Consolidate JdbcTemplate creation, and use default fetchSize of 100


Service API: getUser should return null for user.documentReference if the user doesn’t have a profile card


Indeksere multivalues på et solr-felt


Unauthenticated attempt on privileged document service operation should trigger authentication


Internal error when clicking the 'wrong' save-button on event


Cannot edit documents via WebDAV on mac


When adding attributes in an event they also appear under patchset


Login and activation pages: Do not show username and password fields for sites not configured with either ikb auth or ldap


Certify iKnowBase with WebLogic server 12.1.3 and JDK 8


WebDAV: EmptyResultDataAccessException should be handled


WebDAV: editDocument allow plugin blocked by authentication and redirect


The content studio file upload function should not process files uploaded by non-authenticated user


Instant: Atmosphere should not scan for annotated classes during startup


Instant: Close request on a non existing topic should result in HTTP 404 with error message


Content Studio: Edit office documents using WebDAV from the subdocument list in the document detail page


WebDAV: WARN ACLProtocol - requested property 'principal-url', but resource doesnt implement AccessControlledResource


WebDAV: WARN IKBMiltonUserManager - Creating user


WebDAV: WARN FtpService - createFileSystemView is a mock implementation


OID Sync removes preexisting dimension types


Security: WebServices: Authentication support for WebLogic container mode


Database: Deactivated installation properties on new install uses deprecated instance qualifier syntax

5.18. Release 6.6

Issue# Description


RegionsModel should keep regions in same order as encountered in page components


Remove solr distribution from iknowbase (instead shipping only iknowbase-solr-plugin)


Support Traverse from a SOLR Viewer


LDAP Sync create new personal cards and dimensions if cn is updated


ORA-01000 Maximum open cursors in SOLR indexing


Invalid flag set when importing EXP-<user>-A6EF476661D790B3E040000A18003EF8-iKnowBase-ContentStudio-ImageAndDocumentArchive.dmp


View crop alternatives in Image Archive - edit image - returns no data


Secure Token should be supported as HTTP header


Add FreeMarker variable "noRecordsFoundMessage"


New FreeMarker directive to run plsql-block and return HTP-written content


Convert tabular and free form presentation styles to template


Support for social authentication


Deprecate support for GlassFish 3 and remove support for GlassFish 4


Quickstart: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Form too large


Tooltips generated using ikb_tooltip-package does not encode title


Under linux, it should be possible to chose java-installation using quickstart property file


Reuse QueryItems for the lifetime of a QueryRow


Load permission info into the ot_content_row, for higher fidlity on the java side


Rewrite ikb_content_viewer and ikb_show_content to load straight into ot_document


Installation properties: Add comment field


Upgrade Apache HTTPClient library to 4.3.4 (GA)


Import doesn’t clean up data in IKB_VALUE_SET and TEMPLATE_LABEL


Picklist based on search source: Generated javascript on radio button has errors


Components in patchset show as not existing when using search in ikbStudio


Quickstart: Disable LDAP group search for determining roles


Obsolete functions in action portlet


Enable viewer and forms to edit a document in both WebDAV and Office plugin


Header login: Needs to be able to extract username from string for OSSO support


Import error when importing data from BROWSER_LANGUAGE


WebDAV: Bad performance when fetching document using WebDAV


Brødsmuler fungerer ikke helt vha freemarkerbasert meny


Database support for Spring Security hasPermission ACL


ApplicationServerUtils: Improve detection of iKnowBase Quickstart for development




Pres.style: Attributes should have numbering on all tabs


Removed the old NOARK-support in iKnowBase


Removed old portlets not in use


WebService: Authorize using iKnowBase ACL instead of trusted principal from authenticator


Removed Banner style set (used in Oracle Portal viewers)


Removed table MENU_DYN_PREFS


Removed old menu definitions (renderer)


Removed old object types


WebDAV FTP debug logging should not expose user credentials


get_document_attribute mot dimensjonsattributt: Får feil verdi i external_key på returen


Instant: The requestUserLilst will fail and timeout if the topic is not available. This should instead return immediately with an empty user list.


Instant: Error log "Message NOT sent due to client error" when topic does not exist should be debug level


Instant: Logging should not expose raw HTTP headers




Create freemarker-model for "Use expanded resources"


Spring MVC URI template variables should be available in the iKnowBase WebRequest


Support for instance qualifier expressions in installation properties


Standard iKnowBase model objects should be exposed to Spring FreeMarker views


ikb$logout should allow redirect to / and absolute URLs


"resources" template model should contain information about url lifetimes


Support configuration of how an image variant should be created (operators to the image processing routine)


Stored functions doesn’t support more than 32K output


ORA-06533: Subscript beyond count


Avoid displaying detailed error messages to unautherized users


Change security framework to Spring Security


Content Studio: Present image variant labels rather than attribute labels for image variant links


Order by in ikbStudio Development tools


Integrate FATAX editor


Remove Oracle BPEL-specific ProcessStudio components from distribution


iKnowBase should not ship with image_sizes table, and remove it if present


Content Studio: Missing checkbox for image variant larger that original image


Instant: Unauthorized join does not clean up instant connection object


Improve development error messages when FreeMarker failures occur


Quickstart: Upgrade Jetty from 9.1.3.v20140225 to jetty-9.1.4.v20140401


Content Studio: Enable webDAV editing in document archive


Content Studio: Should fill entire browser window


Create a new template - quicklinks


Ikke mulig å definere en template basert dimensjons viewer


Forms update - missing html code


Instant: InstantQueueServer - Message NOT sent due to client error: reason=Topic does not exist


Custom Editor should close all <input> tags; p_long_text_ids is not closed


Instant: Upgrade to Atmosphere runtime 2.1.4 w js 2.1.6


Image Edit: The zoom in/out and rotate buttons are not enabled on restore after crop


Support for managed (cloud) databases - Amazon RDS


Quickstart fungerer ikke på pluggable 12c database


Keep filter in ikbStudio (development tools) after navigation from one component to another


"Feed" functionality should move from "Development tools" to "Advanced"


The data model consistency report should run automatically, as part of build


Automatically create distribution scripts (extract4distrib.sql)


Quickstart commands exportTransportSet/importTransportSet should fail when failing


Increase number of characters allowed in the title attribute


QuickStart→UpgradeAll: Decide how to deal with activi upgrade errors…​


Support for logout


Fokusering av input felt i form


Convert iKnowBase Process Studio to a Java plugin


Picklists: Not possible to navigate directly to Sort-step of picklist when opened for an attribute which already has a selection


Dev toolkit requires quickstart authentication, which excludes authentication on various platforms and deployments


Service API: Enable save document attributes without specifying the datatype


Use iKnowBase repository authorization for all login modules.


Support for LDAPv3 authentication and authorization


FreeMarker-modell for "Use expanded resources"-status


Personal Acl: Go directly to edit pane when an acl already is chosen


Set "system attributes" through IKB_SERVICE_API


Javascript action on button i picklist fungerer ikke dersom dokumenter her " i tittel


Support "Log on as"-feature


Establish new security framework

5.19. Release 6.5

Issue# Description


Connection leak in ikbBatch.PageEngineServer


Connection leak if database connection initailization fails


iKnowBase Addin for Microsoft Office is signed by an expired certificate


Database XML-operations do not work reliably across application servers


Replace spring-agent with transforming ClassLoader


Improve quickstart (jetty) tempdir handling


Instant: Upgrade to Atmosphere runtime 2.1.1 w js 2.1.5


Change caching of prompts from caching a single large Map to caching individual String values


FreeMarker $[context.commonScripts} does not contain scripts and css


Support spring @Value annotations receiving values from ikb_installation_properties


Implement proper distribution of locale throughout spring app


Language lookup return uses lower(), and only once!


Access content viewer based on preset document list (primary usecase is Solr)


Add "shutdown" feature to Quicstart WebServer


Support "Whenever sqlerror exit sql.sqlcode" in Setup sql scripts


Support TinyMCE 4


Support submitting array of CLOB through /pls


SOLR-example should be moved from ikb-systest to ikb-master


Build process should automatically export transport sets, and store under ./etc.


Support arbitrary text-editors in Forms


Quickstart should support property for setting web session MaxInactiveInterval


DatabaseAppender (logging) should not raise exceptions when database is unavailable


The Sql-variable provided to groovy scripts by the TemplateRepositoryModel should use initialized connections


WevDAV-scripts do not work on Mac


iKnowBase should support sending email from the java layer, instead of (in addtion to) the database


iKnowBase should support doing image manipulation in the java layer, instead of (in addition to) in the database


iKnowBase should install properly under managed (cloud) databases


Remove Activiti Explorer from iKnowBase distribution


Etter bruk av scrollbar i bildearkiv tolkes musebevegelse som multiselect (kun IE)


ContentServer should produce cache-control "public" or "private" depending on user


Changed behavior in Content Server : serve_content


Instant: ikb$console test page does not work with IE7: JSON object is not defined


Content Studio: Image and document archives/picklists don’t work in IE7


Form JS-function Confirm<FORM> is undefined from 6.3


Content Studio: The acl field in the image form should be a popup rather than a dropdown


Add cache instruction to /content/-links generated by the viewer


Image archive: Implement pres.style db function which generates image variant links for an image


Content Studio: Images/documents which are dragged and dropped to the archive/picklist should always be tagged with the chosen dimension


Instant: JS clients will reconnect immediately and forever when server throws error resulting in onClose


Instant: Websocket-connections trigger onClose callback after a few minutes. This should not happen.


Instant: onOpen callback is not triggered before the first message is sent using long polling


Instant: Remove JSON-encoding for IKBResponse.data


Instant: Support for | (pipe) in all fields of messageFormat IKB


Direct link from ikbStudio → Database admin → Reports→ "Show unused components"


Import of transport set disables constraints without enabling them at the end


PersonalAcl: Startday of the datepicker should be monday, not sunday


Invalid definition of Oracle Text section group


Documentation: Document iKnowBase Instant CORS example


Eksterne kilde attributter er alltid VARCHAR feiler hvis innhold er lengre 3200 tegn


Some of the popups used in ikbStudio are too narrow


Support for websocket over HTTPS


Poor Error Handling: Empty Default Exception Handler


Savner mulighet for å legge til feltene Reply-To og Return-Path i SENDMAIL-pakka.


Image edit: Change the order of the fields in the image form


Image edit: Implement mouseover in toolbar


Image edit: Automatically shrink an image to fit within the editing window upon resize


It should be possible to avoid logging to log_documents for certain viewers


Image edit: Support selection of predefined crop area sizes (image variants)


Image edit: Implement function to make an image fit within the editing window without actually reducing its size


Provide a purge-AQ-exception queue procedure with the distribution


Instant: IE7-9 mode fails unsubscribe when using CORS (Documentation supported browsers)


Image edit: The user should have a choice to automatically customize the specified crop area if it is larger than the image


The notifier should always display on top, ensure that it is not hidden behind other elements


Image edit: The crop area should be set as the user enters height and width


Default log configuration should include requestId and sessionId for all file-based logs


Quickstart remote address restrictions in authenticator modules should use real remote ip and ignore x-forwarded-for


Support for trusted http header based authentication in iKnowbase Quickstart


Use unique session cookie per application on iKnowbase Quickstart to avoid authentication conflicts


Use shared authenticators and login services for all applications deployed to iKnowBase Quickstart


Oracle Text search: create a more flexible parser to define how to use wildcards in search


Behov for rettighetsstyring på pakkealias


Quickstart: SAMPLE.properties specifies webIkbRessurs, but engine supports the old name webRessurs


Rework JDBC-management to allow the use of vrapped JDBC-objects


Quickstart: Legacy configuration option webapps works differently from web.apps


quickstart dropUserCascade failures should stop further quickstart processing


SAMPLE.properties is incorrect for User and Group lookup


Dev toolkit: Support static content in jar-plugin


The Spring EndpointsReport (/ikb$console/java/endpoints) should order endpoints by their url pattern, and present clickable links.


CodeMirror editor starts with wrong mode


Picklists: Not possible to navigate directly to Sort-step of picklist when opened for an attribute which already has a selection


Java Plugin Spring bean name should be fully qualified to avoid name collisions


Viewer attribute of type date and NOW vs TODAY


iKnowBase.Instant.Atmosphere.publish requires JSON data but should also support object


Show toolbar for document picklist


iKnowBase Installation doc not updated with new .zip structure


Invalid comments in solrconfig.xml


Upgrade the quickstart Oracle JDBC-driver to version


Picklists: Selection doesn’t work if both image- and document picklists are open at the same time


Replace usages of spring specific "DisposableBean" in favor of Closeable


Master-data should originate from version-specific repository (schema)


exportFile/importFile should need extension (recommend .dmp)


OWASP Top Ten 2007: Password Management: Null Password


Provide dbDataPumpJobName property to all sql-scripts


Ikb Reset knapp i søkekilder fjerner quicklinker


Upgrade wicket to version 6.12


Upgrade activiti to version 5.14


Upgrade jetty to version 9.1.3.v20140225


Upgrade groovy to version 2.2.1


Upgrade ehcache to version 2.8.1


Upgrade spring-framework to version 4.0.2.RELEASE


Dev toolkit: Add library doc and source for use in IDE


Move "split_text_and_description" functionality into /pls handler


Form: Implement an iKB specific-tag for generation of image variant markup


Support javasimon-jdbc4 to monitor database connections.


Support for querying the Instant server


Support for HTTP Range-headers


Picklists: Edit label in list view sometimes displays the wrong label


Picklists: Multiselect in thumbnail-view in image picklist doesn’t work after the document picklist has been opened


Support SSL in the quickstart web server


Run a Viewer w presentation style with a predefined set of documents


Feil i form: får ikke valgt ansvarlig


Instant: WARN DefaultAnnotationProcessor - Unable to detect annotations. Application may fail to deploy.


ikbBatch and ikbStudio should pass on proper location for ikbViewer to javascripts


GlassFish: Class invariant violation at org.apache.log4j.LogManager.getLoggerRepository


Quickstart: Default PermGen space settings for the JVM should allow deployment of all applications


IKB-2148 Replace use of OWA_UTIL in menu renders


Change sample database connection from JDBC URL to Oracle Net connection descriptor instead to allow oracle specific properties


Image Variants: Add support for auto rotate and extend configuration in order to differentiate use of image variants


Unable to execute DB-functions in presentation style with DML-statements


DevToolkit Samples for "Ian"


Instant: ConversationId in ikb$console is incorrectly mapped to non-conversation events


Instant: onFailureToReconnect callback is not in use - remove it


OWASP Top Ten 2007: Password Management: Password in Comment


quickstart dropUserCascade required parameter is missing prefix "db."


WebLogic: weblogic.jaxrs.server.portable.servlet.JerseyServletContainerInitializer - override


Webdav: WARN HttpManagerBuilderEnt - Using the default calendar search service. Calendar search functions may exhibit poor performance. If thats a problem implement your own: interface io.milton.http.caldav.CalendarSearchService

5.20. Release 6.4.1

Issue# Description


Connection leak if database connection initailization fails


Connection leak in ikbBatch.PageEngineServer


Quickstart: SAMPLE.properties specifies webIkbRessurs, but engine supports the old name webRessurs


SAMPLE.properties is incorrect for User and Group lookup


iKnowBase Installation doc not updated with new .zip structure

5.21. Release 6.4

Issue# Description


Content Server - change in default access mechanism


ACL fra mor-dokument settes på dokument selv om "Copy ACL from master document" ikke er avhuket på informasjonstypen


quickstart.sh/.cmd should allow execution from other directory


Should display data-type of attribute on the "template"-tab of the presentation style


Content Service API: Handle user without defined language


Document archive - both icons have same tooltip


Konfigurasjon av tilkobling til epost-server for emailreader


Upgrade jetty to version 9.x


Flere kjekke bookmarklets


[001545] Bug in the sendmail package: Mail is not sent to the address specified in the cc field


OC4J is no longer supported - remove specifically implemented support


MENU_DYNAMIC varchar overflow


HTML_ITEM_PREFS missing index for last changed date


Distribute solr with (minimal) logging enabled


Content Studio: Center picklists upon reopen


ikb transport set issues related to solr config


Support several solr "installations" in one iknowbase installation


Sporing i meny blir ikke riktig dersom målsiden har dynamiske parametre


ikbActivitiExplorer: Class path contains multiple SLF4J bindings


WARNING: The media type and language mappings declared in the ResourceConfig are ignored because there is an instance of com.sun.jersey.api.container.filter.UriConnegFilterpresent in the list of request filters.


Picklists: Multiselect in thumbnail-view in image picklist doesn’t work after the document picklist has been opened


solr-søk: feilmelding i error-tab - PK_SOLR_CHANGELOG violated


Add support for groovy mode in ikbStudio code editor for HTML Viewer


StandalonePageEngineBuilder should not create it’s own services, but rely on injected services instead


WebDAV: Support direct document access, similar to the content server (/docid/name)


Upgrade to Ext JS 4.2.2


Content Studio: Fixed multiple bugs related to editing an image


Picklists: Edit label in list view sometimes displays the wrong label


Quickstart fresh install should assume that Oracle image-editing is available


Up to and including iKnowBase "Gordon" we use ant for building; now we want to use gradle instead


Certify iKnowBase with glassfish v4


Certify iKnowBase with WebLogic server 12.1.2


Remove encoding-dependent source code from Fatax server


TraceSession and TraceSessionHistory should be serializable (fails session replication)


Upgrade to wicket 6.10


installation properties name, value and qualifier should be trimmed


Quickstart should have "listProperties" command to …​ list properties!


Quickstart should have "logDirectory" property that controls where logfiles go


Quickstart should not add extension to logfiles that have extension


Quickstart "downloadFile" should let you specify the target directory of the file you download


Add URL-path to WebDAV root as domain-setting


ikbSelectUserPopup - sjekk om om brukeren er aktiv eller ikke


Add content viewer function to open document using WebDAV


Change the way we allocate and use database connections


Upgrade Instant to Atmosphere v2.0.3 runtime / v2.0.7 js


Weblogic. Problem with deploy of iKnowBase-6.3-WebLogicAuthenticator.jar


FreeMarker parameter model should support parameters with null value


Image scaling - some images variants are bigger than the original


Upgrade CodeMirror, and activate by default for all pages


Document upgrade overview in Installation Guide


Quickstart upgradeAll should also upgrade activiti schema


ValidateNumericInput prevents the use of tab


Send a single document to SOLR for indexing


WebApps should log warnings and above to database error tab


Secure token sendes inn enkodet med IE


Unable to parse query string - atmosphere issue 1321


Webapps should have a unified index-page


OID Sync : Group membership are built before the user is created


Add NLS Definition ID in language console


Search field in ikbStudio is limited to 40 characters


ikbStudio: Side URLer er ikke lengre klikkbare


Create configuration property to disable cache distribution


Sendmail - improve performance


Long polling timeout/resubscribe causes leave/join


Unable to delete pages in ikbStudio - no error messages given


Feil i viewer med to dato parametre på samme attributt


Cannot import content studio transport set in ikbStudio due to ORA-39001: invalid argument value


IKB_SOLR.GET_DOCUMENT fails if we have dimensional attributes where PATH should be indexed


Form fails if the number of attachments exceeds 60


Sendmail: Need to ensure correct CRLF in body-text


Forhåndsutfyll feltet datasource i nye presentasjonsmaler med "iKnowBase - Documents"


Store failed emails in a seperate table


Solr: Should support instance qualifiers other than * for secure token engine secureKey


Solr: Document installation settings for secure token engine.


Ensure that Ext is ready before callback is run in "withExt4"


Add development toolkit for creating custom iKB applications with modifications and plugins


Etter bruk av scrollbar i bildearkiv tolkes musebevegelse som multiselect (kun IE)


Attribute list for ikb attribute is not sorted for ldap sync profile.




Instant: Google Analytics for Atmosphere Framework should be disabled


Installation Documentation - error


SOLR queue-name in queries must be stripped


ikbStudio: Data model consistency report: No more data to read from socket


Invalid name given to date-fields in SOLR


SOLR indexing: Created date is not handled by IKB_SOLR


ikbInstant: Unsubscribe should clear the conversation uuid


Webdav: Document installation to separate WebDAV-specific hostname


Håndtering av charaterencoding på LDAP attributter


ikbViewer should by default be deployed to /


Add "virtual host" support to quickstart, to allow WebDAV to run in the same container as everything else




Quickstart should include defaults for webIkbInstantWar and -Path


ikbWebdav: IKB_DEVELOPERS and IKB_SYSADMINS missing in weblogic deployment descriptor


Manglende attributter ved flytt av ekstern kilde med transportsett


Remove documentation for WebLogic 11g


Sendmail: ÆØÅ in body doesn’t work on ISO-8859-Px


ikbViewer to context root /: Check document usage conters


ikbViewer to context root /: Check hardkoded "/ikbViewer" in source code


Do not save personal attribute dimensions when using service api


Path seperator + viewerPath need to be configurable in solr configuration


Quickstart basic auth ad: NullPointerException if no username is provided


Quickstart should support ad (ldap) authentication without wna


Quickstart wna: support conditional negotiate auth based on request params


Quickstart properties: Standardize format and show all properties in sample config


Development tookit: Add activiti sample


Upgrade TinyMCE to version 3.5.10 (support for IE11)


Large list difficult to select as export objects


Invalid encoding of subject in Sendmail (UTF8)


HTTP/1.1 413 FULL head error with Windows SSO on iKnowBase Quickstart


Add event-handling to action "Set version active" on documents


Error in ikb_portlet_predefined_search.build_query:ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small : ORA-06512: at "IKB_SYSTEST.IKB_PORTLET_PREDEFINED_SEARCH", line 3118


Quickstart apps will be partially unavailable if temp directory is cleaned during runtime


Flere forskjellige charater encoding på felter i LDAP


Validate email-address Client side - newsletter subscribe/unsubscript


[002057] Links in mails sent to iPhone/iPad don’t work


[002013] Dimension navigator doesn’t show any dimensions for the document field dimension attribute


Avoid HTML/PDF/TEXT convertion for file formats like images, videos …​


Should be possible to define how menu active is identified


IKBStudio → LDAP Sync → Bad performance


Quickstart pooled database connections are closed while in use due to bug in maxConnectionsResuseTime


ikbWebdav does not currently support clustering - disable cluster config and document


ikbInstant undeliverable messages added with plsql api when server is down will block plsql api message queue


The function another_proc() in ikb_merge_generator.pkb sometimes fails to close the cursor opened by open_cursor()


Poor Error Handling: Empty Default Exception Handler


Remove support for mounting dimensions as WebDAV folders


ActiveXControl check for office addin does not work in IE11


Remove cluster in deploymentdescriptor for iknowbase-resources


Quickstart: Error during startup if loginService only contains spnego-ad (and not iknowbase)


Oracle AQ queues are disabled after import on a fresh install

5.22. Release 6.3

Issue # Description


PORTLET_CUSTOM_LOGIN støtter ikke https


Create URL-parameter to ignore content cache (always refresh)


reloadComponent: Burde være mulig å angi en js funksjon som callback


Functionality to add personal access group


Fix position of SQL hint in SQL


Check filename for valid characters


Positioning of popups should be relative to where they are opened from


Should be possible to choose form on edit-links


Autokorrektur på Ext dato felter har feil format på dato


Ext 4 Dato felt i forms har søndag som første dag i uken


Forms: placeholder vises ikke i Ext datofelt


Transportsett: Ønske om mulighet til å klargjøre patch-sett uten å endre subsystem


Transport set for language does not include 'Browser language' settings


Functionality to edit personal access group


Image Scaling Event generates very high load on database


/go/target url gir 404 til eier av dokumenter eller public brukere


Oracle Text Search - DRG-50901: text query parser syntax error


[001177] Newsletter - Include feature to filter content by "news since last newsletter"


Versjonering av dokumenter fungerer ikke


XSS errors found when running Acunetix


New database report - show inconcequence between datamodel and xi-tables


In IKBStudio, it would be nice to see where the data is stored (TABLE-information)


In IKBStudio, make it possible to search for a GUID also


ContentServer should support converting files to PDF, HTML and TEXT; ContentViewer should have functions to generate such links


Caching infrastructure does not use configured values for setting up replicated caches


Use of sys context in parameters for created date


Feil i ikb_common_procs.get_language ved brukernavn lenger enn 30 char


Write object_guid to SQL also for count-query


Forbedre ytelsen på Dimensjonsnavigatoren


Create a report to display inconsistency between a local database and IKB-master


Versjonering: opprettes ny versjon dersom man tar Avbryt på boks for kommentering


Cache: Support for replicated metadata cache


Cache: GUID on cached components in ikb$console/cache should be linked to ikbStudio definition


Cache: Support for administration of content cache strategy in ikbStudio


Cache: Support for URL-params in Content Cache Strategy per portlet


Cache: Cache options that are only applicable to Oracle Portal should be marked accordingly


Cache: Support for cache invalidation by cache type


Cache: Support for max-memory limit


Cache: Display memory used for caching in ikb$console


ikb$console - Report: Show all components configured for content caching


Improve documentation for cache support


ikb_pck_document.ConvertBlob2Clob gives wrong result


Hardcoded text in PORTLET_SEARCH_DIALOG - Enter a searchstring


Display HTTP session content in ikb$console


FreeMarker model/property "viewer.data.level" contains subdocuments


Invalid target built when using a popup with window options


ContentServer does not properly support URL-syntax for specifying file by guid


Implement POPUPs on large select lists


Support for instant messages for web clients, replacing iKnowInstant


Better support for deploying ikbViewer to the root context (/)


Parameterized cleanup of session (so that LOG_DOCUMENTS-deletion can be configured)


[001389] Development Studio > Form: Not possible to set default content format to "file" or "content"


HTML-portlet adds one extra whitespace when printed


From a component definition (form, viewer), make it possible to add the object to a transport set


ikb_content_viewer.set_parameter_value returns Buffer to small


Content Studio: Disable insert of copyright and photographer in the image form (this info is inserted from the image metadata)


SnoopSpringEndpointsReportProvider logs with classname EHCacheReportProvider


Upgrade SOLR to 4.2


Removed obsolete parameters to procedures in Forms


Error in doc: quickstart.sh iknowbase.properties exportScripts scripts.zip


OID_SYNC throws unnecessary error on data lookup


Enable automatic upload (script based) on transport sets


Make it possible to redirect to a different domain from a homeplace definition


Sporing i menyer fungerer ikke helt lengre i siste versjon av ikb


Ved obligatorisk datofelt uten kalender blir det genererte validate-javascriptet feil


Unable to define specific groups to map when using AD


It should be possible to create a homeplace restricted to more than one domain


Rework page engine development css/js to render toolbars properly when used from reloadComponent


Integrate newest Activiti 5.13 when ready


l_result in ikb_contentstudio_functions.get_image_variant to small


Image picklist styling might be affected of custom css


Development Studio: Document type filter is missing in search source filter tab


Character string buffer too small - ikb_ce_admin_editor_portlet - view selected acls


Quickstart and WNA group lookup: Support for separate and multiple user and group bases


Detecting active menu in a dimensional PL/SQL menu failed


ikb_show_content : Validating URL-params (numbers) failed if the number was negative


Advanced menu: active menu detection fails if present URL is to long


Content Studio: Change default sort in Image- and Document Archive and picklist to "changed date" descending


Content Studio: Picklists displays wrong empty text when reopened


Documentation: OC4J is no longer supported - remove in documentation


Content Studio: In the "View properties" panel for an image the file size should be shown


Emailreader klarer ikke lese epost med bilder


Activiti Form: Error in process execution gives stack trace


Activiti Form: Dimension popup doesn’t work if the field already has a dimension guid


Activiti Form: Dimension popup does not properly handle multivalued attributess


Activiti Form should qualify all parameters, to avoid them being available to other components


Activiti: Not able to remove value in text input-field


solr: result set navigation issue


Content Studio: ACL should not be required attribute in image form


Solr: navigationBar viser av og til både "neste" og "siste" på nest siste side; skal bare vise siste


Content Studio: Edit properties for an image in the document archive doesn’t display the form correct


Create thresholds to log warnings and block indexing of large documents


Need better way to specify datapump properties


Replace validation javascript with local resource


Process Studio: Filters don’t work


Quickstart WNA: Enable lookup of username from alternative attribute


Support for session replication for ikbViewer

5.23. Release 6.2

Issue # Description


ACLadmin - change of owner_id


No error msg when submitting text in an attribute defined as NUMBER


[HD-20395] Input validation in forms


Add timeout to loadURL and loadXML FreeMarker macros


Investigate simple process solution


Enhance ContentServer cachability through fingerprinting


Manglende validering av numeriske felt i forms


FreeMarker ContentViewer Model: Add separate DataFieldXxx objects for all relevant types


iKB Studio > Development Tools: "Test" button for search source


Missing indexes on IKB_CRAWLER_LIST


Showing objects that reference ACL when deleting


Document the property "callback function" for Viewer and Search Source


[000420] Security Issue


Importing menus with "delete details and load againg" causes "Submenu" coloumn on MENU_INSTANCE to loose the reference to MENU_ITEM


Should be possible to use special characters in label of form-buttons


Transportsett: Kobling til submeny forsvinner dersom man velger "delete details and load again"


Upgrade from Ext JS 4.0.7 to Ext JS 4.1.3


Add last_run_duration for Scheduler in ikbStudio


Content Studio: Implement image add links as viewer instead of menu (like document add links)


ikbStudio: Not possible to create an image variant without checking the enable-flag


Personal Acl: Implement paging and search


ImageScaling: Ratio should be kept if only width or height is given for the image variant


Use of sys context in external datasource


Alowing use of {} in FROM-part of external datasource


ikbStudio: Values fanen i en form inneholder en select med alle ACLer


Advanced search i Content Studio inneholder en select boks over alle ACLer


Content Studio: When javascript is disabled in browser, the user should get a proper message


ikbStudio: Enhance the "Installation Properties" editor, so that it is possible to insert new rows.


Upgrade to activiti 5.10


Form: Kan ikke ha tegnet > i value på en knapp i en html basert form


FreeMarker model: The showMore property of a Content Viewer should include target attribute


Feil i ikb_api.get_generic_code_ext_key


Error in ikb_show_content.get_attribute_values


"Run using queue" test action in the ikbBatch Page Engine fails when running under WebLogic


ikb_content_validator.document_usage returns too many errors


OID Sync: Person dimension is always moved to the top dimension


_ikbRequestTracefile does not work for ikb$run (ComponentRunnerController)


Documentation: Activiti Task Form not documented in Portlet Reference


Extended "scan" of document-usage


Add parent_id to upload_document in ikb_contentstudio_functions


Support for Logout in ikbViewer


WicketNotSerializableException: Unable to serialize class: java.util.logging.Logger


Upgrade spring-framework to release 3.1.2


Upgrade jQuery to 1.8.3


Upgrade spring-ws to version 2.1.x


Upgrade Groovy to 2.0.x


ikbWebdav: FTP server - Authentication failure - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No Configuration was registered that can handle the configuration named oracle.security.jazn.oc4j.JAZNUserManager


Upgrade apache-httpclient to 4.2.1


Create new batch module "contentIndexer", to forward content changes to external search index / engine


Tilrettelegge for å gruppere logg-entries per "service"


Upgrade from Ext 4.0.7 to Ext 4.1.2


Import doesn’t remove prompts that have been deleted from source


Export: Missing XI tables


Content Studio: Edit-links in document archive should open the form in a new window


Image Map Advanced preference name too large


Upgrade jackson to 2.0.x


Form2mail as standard functionality in iknowbase forms


Only one dimension is selected when editing muli-selected dimension attributes


Quickstart webServer should not require restart when roles are reconfigured


ikbBatch/fileConverter test programs do not properly handle Content-Type; original docx opens as zip


If a user cancels execution of reloadComponent, an error message is given


Tabular layout search source renders NO_DATA_FOUND in illegal html


FTP Server: Viser templates men ingen presentasjonsmaler


Change default value on show add/edit links in presentation style to show in show mode


http:// is added to urls in presentaion style if "link only if content" is selected on title-attribute


The ikbGoTarget-script doesn’t work in Firefox (leads to non-working links)


ORA-06512: at "IKNOWBASE.IKB_IMPORT", line 1838 during import


IKB_IMPORT: Mapping of users where ID and GUID is different fails


Process Studio: Support deployment


Script actions should be able to retrieve file uploads


ikb_crawler fails with BAD_SQL_GRAMMAR error


Validering av numerikse felt


Unable to compile ikb_show_content at NSF


ikbStudio: Selecting dimensions for editing does not work in IE under Jetty


ikbGoTarget returns error in firefox


Searchcode definition for date fields are changed on update. New value set does not contain all values from original set.


Documentation: Link to Development Guide from the page "iKnowBase Process Services for Activiti - Samples page" doesn’t work


Add support for groovy mode in ikbStudio code editor


Timestamps/timers in script-logs (e.g. upgradeAll)


Forslag til presisering i dokumentasjon vedr IKBAuthenticationPlugin


iKBStudio - Advanced OID Synch - show log does not do any filtering


Bookmarklets not functional - missing void


Support ACL on script targets


OID_SYNC_IKB.integrate_person set dimension "sort key" to 0


Enable the generation of heap dumps from ikb$console


Improve handling of HTTPS-scenarios


Wrong URL for editing Word document


Fix the DocumentService java-api so that it uses an org.w3c.dom.Element for XML-data


Job 9351 with sync_ikb_index('NORMAL') does nothing after upgrade from v5.4.1 ⇒ v6.1


Missing logger definitions on WLS 12c


Upgrade slf4j to 1.7.2 and log4j to 1.2.17


Create freemarker-model for isDevelopmentMode


Groovy MarkupBuilders should always have setExpandEmptyElements(true)


Brukersynk: Personkort-attributt blir ikke slettet - selv om "kilden" ikke lenger har en verdi


[000367] - Filename is escaped twice for links to related objects


[000343] - numeric or value error: character string buffer too small in Forms


Session cookie should handle sso through multiple domains/vhosts on embedded Jetty server


plsql.QueryRowSetImpl - Error setting locale: dbLocale=null; dbLanguage=n


Export : Be able to exclude objects without subsystem


Export: Only export the object itself without all references


Feil ved åpning av dokumenter med / i filnavn


In viewer conditions, results from a stored function may be wrong when the sql-clause is built.

5.24. Release 6.1

Issue # Description


DOCUMENT_TYPE - indexes for check-in / check-out and lock.


In viewer-config: "max records" should be set to "# records" when "#records" is more than 100 (always) and "max records" is empty.


WebDAV-support in the Development Studio.


External Datasource: it would be nice to see the SQL generated.


Vise "ingen treff" i søkekilde/viewer.


All required javascripts should be merged and minified into a single file.


Document the feature to return JSON data upon save from form.


Image Archive: Make information about image usage available.


Wrong styling of Lists (ordered and unordered) in xNet and Content Studio.


Check in and check out link information should be available to FreeMarker templates.


Publisere tittel med prosenttegn.


Add null / not null information to procedure signature.


Add more detailed error information for IKB_CONTENT_VALIDATOR.


Add more logging to sendmail errors.


Filtype XLSM inkluderes i standard iKnowBase.


Improving error logging in IKB.IKB_SOLUTION_EVENTS.


Search source based on external source: conditions disappear when you change presentation style based on the same external source.


Signature for <simple> Pres.Style:Database Function added to then documentation.


iKnowBase System administration.pdf updated with correct procedure for handling gn_seconds_threshold.


Make "help"-panel in ikbStudio persistent


Content Studio: Prevent Metadata info overflows in the document card view mode


HD-71787 Feil rekkefølge i dimensjonsattributt


Expose ikb$console in all web applications


The dimension viewer sometimes fails under Java5.


Content-Disposition header is incorrect; save as fails


Add "action" endpoint for running template/code


HD-53622 How to include images (from image attributes) in newsletters


Import: Mapping IDs in Generic_codes failes if we have more than one entry (but for different valuelists) with the same ID


Får ikke hentet ut korrekt språk på ledetekstene


Remove size restrictions on sendmail.attach_text and attach_text_html


Language pane window: Unable to add HTML in text elements


Viewer add attributes show english labels, while Pres style add attributes show norwegian labels.


000355 Document Picklist: The dimension tree is not filtered according to attribute configuration (dimensions).


ikbViewer feiler dersom det brukes en meningsbærende URL til en beskyttet side med PUBLIC_BRUKER (ikke pålogget).


sendmail.begin_mail_in_session_bcc setter ikke feltene cc og bcc i mime-header.


Unauthorized access to dimensions in search form using select-list.


Service API should support creation of subdocuments to documents you do not


Aksjonsportlet mister parameter i URL.


Add support for ordering document links in form (lost in iKB 6.0)


[HD-73630] Development Studio: Show created date for acl/group memberships


[000079] Add support for validity period for personal acl members


Tuning Prompt Query


Cannot use index on IKB_PREFERENCE_STORE


For å få korrekte urler i RSS-feeds som leveres fra iKnowBase må det benyttes & mellom params og ikke &


Feil rekkefølge på parametere i IKB_SHOW_CONTENT


Mangler dokumentuttrekk på VarselSKOP-siden


Content Studio: Initial load of data in document- and image archive should not be performed


Regression: DimensionViewer will (improperly) display full dimension path when acting as selector


Feil ved bruk av Personlig ACL


Feil håndtering av p_document_id i ikb_ce_custom_editor_portlet.redirect_form


Event rammeverket blir ikke trigget når det skjer endringer på grupper via OID synk.


Possible tuning of SELECT


Usage-tab of search sources does not show where the component is used


Fra NSF: problem med kursrom og to nettleservinduer


Changing user information in ikbStudio will remove the link to the person card (document_guid)


Show the proper Attribute types (ACL / Information type / User) to the client instead of F.


Rename portlets for more consistent naming


Fix error in viewer for folder id in SQL


Quicklinks disappear


000315 Ekstra tegn etter opplasting av fil


Add online help documentation for page-based newsletters (ikbStudio)


Debug of redirect cannot be done if log level is ERROR


Attribute and document content overridden in SES crawler


000411 Information in page-based newsletters are not updated as expected


Query filter plugin error due to ikb_common_procs.get_user_id caching


Custom picklist: Result set with subdocuments not displayed correctly


WebDAV missing subfolders


000420 Security Issue


Edit a search source fails when it is configured with many quick links


SES Crawler with changed behavior for dimension attributes after upgrade to 6.0


Content Search Banner portlet does not correctly handle external search targets of type IKB


Fix logging from EMailReader


Implement busy indicator


Implement notifier


Improve Personal Acl Dialog


Performance and load issues with ikb_metadata_search.metadata_xml_batch


Performance issues with evita_portal_generic.remove_duplicates_in_array


ikb_metadata_search.metadata_xml_batch will fail if there are no documents to process


Blaing/"ajax reload" feiler i viewer


OID Sync: Bootstrap sync will remove membership information for all remaining users if LDAP connection is terminated


Development mode gir 500 Internal server error


Error for call to db function for versioned document


Endrer https til http på attributlenker


[000355] Support dynamic load of dimensions in Content Studio (image- and document archive)


Presentation style with html tags in style attribute is encoded if Show sort [Show sort icons]=[Clickable label] is set.


Content Studio: Use quicklink labels from viewer configuration in the add menu (document archive)


Test of components does not work in ikbStudio


It should be possible to create database trace file using URL parameter


Show portletTitle in MenuViewer.


Content Studio: Escape JSON strings in iKnowBase templates which produce JSON data


Replace hashing function in SecureTokenEngine, from SHA1 to HmacSHA


Oracle Text - conflict between index sections and use of <title> in HTML-documents


BatchServer queue listeners does not release database connections properly


Upgrade TinyMCE to latest version (currently 3.5.2)


Imagearchive archive with huge dimension tree scrollbar not visible


HD-72078 Cannot send email to many recipients


Picklists: Selected items collections not instantiated correctly (erroneously "remember" selection)


Service API getDocument() should return proper title in document.documentIdentity.label


ikbProcessServicesWS can’t connect to ikbProcessServices EJB


AD-integrasjon i Quickstart fungerer ikke


Events: Run batch shows incorrect status on jobs


Quicklinks should be displayed even if you set "iKB Attrib: DocumentID" to "must have value" and it does not have a value


ikb_pck_admin.save_prompt updates unchanged rows in PROMPT with new timestamp


Development mode toolbars should only be rendered on html-pages (i.e. not json, xml, et al)


Allow manual specification of a page component’s markupId


Quickstart: Import of document/document_attribute is NOT working with Oracle DB 11.2


OID Sync - Wrong instance name used in exception-logging for retrieve_user_information


ikbPopup-based dialog boxes are mis-positioned in ie7, and page is "locked" (rendered grey, modal)


Upgrade CodeMirror to version 2.3


Påkrevde attributter av typen dimensjon valideres ikke lengre ved Edit


Update of a title for an inactive version of a document, leads to update of the document itself


Reimplement and improve existing Ext3 components using Ext4


Norwegian characters are erroneously encoded in old style picklists


The Url til "Edit Document" is invalid if the target has dynamic parameters


Info about the returning page is lost (p_form_back_url) when we save a document more than once


Add several attachments in one operation from Form


p_operation parameter no longer works in search sources


Users are always created with Norwegian language when running OID sync


Support paging when querying LDAP


Form: character string buffer too small ved for mye html kode eller tekst mellom


Export: Keep Merge / Delete details flags when creating new transport sets


Create a function for converting clob to blob (evita_portal_generic.clob_to_blob)

5.25. Release 6.0

Issue # Description


ikb_viewer_api initialization — change data caching mechanism for PL/SQL


Unable to run the new image archive with a different ikbViewer-path


rss_feed should not change database session settings


Gibberish in some k*nett forms after upgrade (applies to Chrome and Safari)


Fjerne bruk av Javascript ved standard søk


URL documents are opened in same window if no target is defined


Create Batch service that renders a page using the page engine


FreeMarker templates for DimensionViewer and MenuViewer should provide access to URLs that are not already HTML-encoded, for example for use in JSON-scenarios


Very slow editing of Dimension Viewer with 200K+ dimensions


Errors during import/export are sometimes not saved to log file


Fix bug where check in and check out (cico) fails


Mail from iKnowBase does not handle norwegian charachters and gets marked as spam


When saving document from Microsoft Office, events will not fire for the document


Create embeddable page engine


Upgrade Quickstart application server to jetty 8


Split Development Studio "development tools" into more sub-sections


Forbedre feilhåndtering ifm SES-crawler konfigurasjon


ikB crawler: IKB_CRAWLER_LIST nut updated correctly


Propagate request id into database logs, for easier log rendering


Usertoken does not give access to documents via ikbViewer/Content. However accessing the document through a page works.


Move ikbViewer NLS-texts from java to ikb_nls_string


Søkekilde: endre default verdi på "add dynamic parameter" til "can have value, in search filter"


Aksjonsknappene inne på komponentene ("save", "save and close" etc.) bør ligge nedest på hver side


Link til oppsett av hurtiglenke og parametre fra viewer


Page: disable-checkbox for komponenter


Bildearkiv: Titler er ikke i alfabetisk rekkefølge. Feil både ved visningsvalget fra a-å og fra å-a.


Får feil ved åpning av styleset i ikbStudio hos NSF (andre styleset virker)


Add audit information (created/changed) to ikb_site database table.


Add text elements to domain, accessible from all templates


Remove old office addin server endpoints


condition - sjekk format file/text/link fungerer ikke


Menu in Developement Studio (developement tools) should be have two modes; "often used menuitems" and "all menuitems"


IKB-1503 Reimplementation of the document archive


Content Studio: Document type icons not showing due wrong css styling


Textile-based documentation renders using wrong encoding, with errors on ÆØÅ


Add support for accessing domain information in template models


The upload handler should properly handle multiple files for a single upload (used for drag+drop)


Error when synchronizing from Active Directory


Oracle-tags in portlet_style_set should always run as the connected user


Image Archive: Show which image folder is selected when the folder panel is collapsed


API Reference Documentation: DimensionTypes not documented in the DimensionViewer chapter


DimensionViewer: A FreeMarker template for a dimenson viewer configured with a dimension attribute doesn’t get access to all dimensions


Fix varchar-limitation in PORTLET_MANAGE_MENU with regards to page name


Dimension Viewer is slow when there is a large number of dimensions one level below what is loaded


Add a report in Database admin that will show incompability between custom save function and ikb_ce_custom_editor_portlet.save_document


FreeMarker ContentViewer Model: Add sort information property


Search source / Content viewer: Change parameters used for sorting from numbered indexes to logical names


Bug in language support when Ext4 and image picklist are loaded dynamically; will always use norwegian language


iKB Service API: It should not be possible to change a document, which requires check out, using the service API


Spring-ws should be upgraded to version 2.0.3


ikbStudio: "Advanced OID synchronizing" should be called "LdapSync"


Handling activation of document version when referenced values have been deleted since the version was created


Development Studio > Preview pages: Add support for tagging with subsystem


Scripts specified in ${page.resources} should be served from /ikbViewer, with version-specific filename and maximum caching


JavaScript target for image picklist on domain definition doesn’t work


Sendmail - attachments - iso8859px


Søkekilde ( og ${viewer.search.form}) genererer ikke "title"-attributter


/ikb$runner should always require authentication


[HD-68297] Newsletter: Links created in newsletters don’t work on iPhones


Popups from forms (picklists) opens in caller window


Add (unsupported) json endpoint for changeDocumentType


Fix too short varchar-variable in IKB_SHOW_CONTENT


Extended attribute conditions available in viewer


Presentasjonsmal: Kunne bruke template med null innhold

Simplified configuration of WebServices security

Extended DocumentModel with properties isFile, isUrl and isText

Added many more reports to the /ikbStudio database tab

Moved quickstart from separate program, into plugin to Quickstart setup program

6. Supported platforms

6.1. Supported web browsers

iKnowBase is built to work with any recent Web Browser.

See WebDAV section for WebDAV specific browser requirements.

6.2. WebDAV

WebDAV uses Microsoft Office URI scheme protocol extensions for triggering direct edit of Microsoft Office documents.

This feature is available and supported by the following web browsers and office versions:

  • Windows with Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 and later

    • Internet Explorer

    • Edge

    • Firefox

    • Chrome

  • MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 with Microsoft Office 16.18 (181014)

    • Firefox

    • Safari

    • Chrome

6.2.1. Directory servers

  • Oracle Internet Directory (OID) will from 7.1 not be explicity tested before a new version is released, but the code base will be supported for a time ahead.

6.2.2. Forms based authentication

  • Currently not stable and supported on Office 2016 for Mac (IKB-3060)

6.3. Supported application servers

iKnowBase supports these application servers:

  • iKnowBase Web Server

  • Oracle WebLogic with patch #23124727.

  • Oracle WebLogic 19c

6.4. Supported Java versions

From iKnowBase 8.1, Java 11 or newer is required for running the iKnowBase applications. iKnowBase 8.0 and earlier require Java 8 or newer.

6.5. Supported database servers

For the database server, Oracle 11g and newer is supported. The latest supported version of the database is preferred, currently 19c.

6.6. iKnowBase Instant

iKnowBase Instant requires Internet Explorer 10 or newer to function properly.

Internet Explorer 9 or older does not support the unsubscribe/disconnect technique used when Instant is used in a CORS setup. This also applies to Internet Explorer mode, i.e. running Internet Explorer 9 mode in Internet Explorer 11.

6.7. File Conversion Service

File Conversion Service is only available for 64-bit Linux servers.